The Grinch

I tell you, there is nothing better for a slight case of Christmas grumps than the Grinch. Not only is it a cautionary tale of the perils of grumpiness (although the Grinch does have a most excellent dog and a rather jaunty theme song, which might be an argument in favour of being a villain), but it is statistically proven* that seeing the Grinch’s heart grow THREE sizes that day is a guaranteed pick-me-up. It may also cause a little bit of sniffling. Shut up.

It is a pretty kick-ass theme song, though. Seasick crocodiles and everything!

I read the story in my Christmas program a few weeks ago, and no kidding, I had a hard time getting through it without my voice breaking. I felt like a dork until I caught the eyes of a couple of parents who were sitting in on the program, and every single one of them was wiping their eyes.

Also? The Whos have some really awesome presents. I don’t get anything nearly that cool for Christmas.

Anyway. If you feel yourself overwhelmed with the Christmas Grumps, I recommend a dose of Grinch. Cartoon if possible, book is next best, and if you can’t manage that, the text is here:

*In my survey of one.


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