New Year

New Year’s Eve was a rousing success. There were games (Ticket to Ride Europe is officially a lot more complicated than the North American one, and Super Scrabble is not particularly super, just really fucking long), there were snacks, and there was laughter. Oh, my word, so much laughter. I think, perhaps, that the time was more of a factor than the actual hilarity of what we were talking about, but by about 3, I was weeping with laughter and having a hard time breathing.

And so, a new year kicks off. It feels, for the most part, remarkably like last year, except for the fact that I appear to have a cold. Whoopee. 2006 is much more of a blank slate than 2005 was. Last New Year’s Day, I knew what was in store for 2005. Going to Disneyland, getting married, moving, going to Hawaii. Things were scheduled and organized. This year, there are vague plans, occasional ideas, but the year is opening out in front of me with endless possibility.

As for resolutions? I only have one. Be less lazy. It’s a pretty all-encompassing resolution, though. I want to start getting up earlier on days when I have to work rather than dashing out the door at the last minute. I want to be less lazy about cleaning around the house so Jamie doesn’t have to do all of it. And I want to be less lazy and get off my ass and use my new elliptical. It’s not as specific as some of my resolutions in the past have been, but I think it’s what I need.


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