March 10th? Wow, that’s a long time ago. The pro…

March 10th? Wow, that’s a long time ago. The problem is, you see, life is good but boring. This is not to say that my life has ever been particularly exciting leading to thrilling updates here, but it’s in a particular kind of rut lately. And I have to be honest, I’m usually knitting instead of writing here.

Also, I have kind of inexplicably become a tv-fanatic. Sort of. Actually, given that I know some real tv fanatics, I think that is probably a little inaccurate, but I have suddenly started watching kind of a lot of tv. Most of it totally lame. American Idol, I’m looking at you. However, it’s fun watching American Idol with Jamie, who pretends not to be interested but totally is. I watch Amazing Race and Survivor with Karen and Paul (except when I suck like tonight and nap instead and don’t make it over there), and the heckling and yelling at the tv is totally entertaining. (For some reason, we started out yelling SNAKE! really loud whenever they show snakes on Survivor, which is frequent, and now we yell snake at the tv whenever the show is back from commercials and someone is in the bathroom, or whenever we are moved by the spirit of the snake. We are weird.) I’m halfway through season three of Angel (which is NOT as good as season two, boo), and Karen and Paul and I are working on Veronica Mars season 1, which is so good. Holy crap, that show is the best show I’ve seen since, well, Firefly, I guess, but the fact that it isn’t cancelled already makes it a little more exciting. We’re hoping that season two will come out before season three starts so we can catch up and watch it next season. Hoping that there is a next season, of course. I really ought to start watching shows that don’t have the ax of cancellation hanging over them at all times. Well, I guess American Idol really covers that. But I don’t really care either way about AI. Although I have discovered that a ton of my coworkers watch it, so it’s fun to discuss every week. (It’s funny who watches that show – a lot of people you don’t expect seem to watch it.)

So. Knitting. TV. Work. Jamie. Friends. That’s about it. We went to Vancouver and Victoria last month, and had an excellent time hanging out with the various people there. Great weather, too, which is always a crapshoot out there. We also went to a hockey game while we were there courtesy of Mel, who has inexplicable connections to several scalpers. We are probably going to wish we had the same as we’re attempting to get tickets for the playoffs next week – wish us luck!

I have become a completely fanatical sock knitter, thanks to the Olympics, which was my first pair. They take me about 8 or 9 days to knock out a pair, usually, and they are portable and cute and just super cool! I love turning the heel and then suddenly having my knitting go in an entirely different direction. I’m on my fourth pair right now, which means I have just finished turning my eighth heel, and I still think it’s super cool. Which is a clear indication of just how dorky I am.

I also just finished a baby blanket, in yellow and white squares (it’s kind of huge, but that’s ok – I like blankets that can go past the first year), and a super awesome baby hat that looks like a tomato. That was REALLY cute and very quick to knit up (one evening of Angel was all it took!) so I will definitely be making more of those. It was also my first shot at stranded knitting (is that what it’s called? I don’t know. Multiple colours, anyway.)

(Are you KIDDING ME? They’re doing classical music on AI? Awesome. Oh, love songs. Well, still. Boccelli! Cool!)

Anyway, I intend to branch out into other fruits and vegetables for baby hats, although there aren’t too many other babies coming up any time soon. I might have to make some for some of the mid-sized babies I know, because they are just so damn cute.

Socks. Baby stuff. Bad TV. Trip to Vancouver. Hockey. That’s what’s been going on.

How are you? Is anyone even still reading this any more?


3 Responses to “March 10th? Wow, that’s a long time ago. The pro…”

  1. Jo Says:

    Oh Sarah, I’m glad you finally posted. I have been checking often only to be disappointed. You know how much I like reading about Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity! Its an important part of my complete breakfast.

  2. Xeryfyn Says:

    I agree! I always check up onyour infrequent posting and still cant believe you napped right after I called. I should have come over to harass you!

    Anyway, update more often punk ass.

    We’ll make it like a dare, I will if you will

  3. The Doc Says:

    I’m still here. I still love you, baby.

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