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The mayhem continues

May 18, 2006

So, as those of you who care about these things probably already know, the Oilers have made it to the third round of the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. (For those of you who don’t care about these things, you’ve probably stopped reading already, but the NHL playoffs are kind of insanely long – four rounds, each round a best of seven. It makes for a lengthy time commitment when your team doesn’t suck, actually. For the first time in a very long time, we had to schedule our mother’s day activities around an Oilers game.) As a result of this totally unbelieveable state of affairs, there has been a more frequent than usual amount of whooping it up in our house. Since we live about 10 blocks from the centre of the action after the games, we’ve been walking over to party it up after some of the big wins.

The first round win led to a rowdy party that went pretty late – that was the first time since 1998 that they’d made it even to the second round. (Welcome to being a small market team fan. Thank you, Collective Bargaining Agreement, for making it suck less to be an Oilers fan!) Then, since the game four win was on a Friday night, another huge party erupted on Whyte Ave, and we headed down. Even bigger party, much rowdier.

Last night, though, was insane. At least double the number of people – the paper today said around 20,000 people descended on Whyte. There were many, many, topless girls. No streakers this time (shucks), but it was just insanity the whole way. Good times, good times. Erin (my former roommate and future housemate) came along with her boyfriend, and aside from the temporary losing of Jamie, we had an awesome time.

This entry is really dull. I am finding that my busted space bar is really inhibiting my ability to think and type simultaneously, because I actually have to pay attention to my typing instead of it being totally unconcious. It is really damn annoying, I’ll tell you what. I’m writing about naked girls and I still can’t make it interesting? That doesn’t bode well. Memo to self: write next update on Jamie’s computer.

So life, aside from the Oilers insanity, continues much as usual. I’m looking into volunteering at the Humane Society, as I figure it’s the next best thing to the kitten I desperately want but am technically not allowed to have. (Once we get back from our trip to Britain next month, which I probably haven’t even mentioned here, uh, we’re going to Britain next month, I’m going to start my I want a kitten campaign. Suggestions welcome.)

Knitting continues to be sock-centric. My brother-in-law’s mother-in-law (got that?) is sick, so I just finished up a pair of socks for her in KnitPicks Sock Garden, in the discontinued Hydrangea colour. Pictures to follow. I’ve finished the baby blanket for my sister’s boyfriend’s sister (I don’t only knit for obscure relations, but I am fairly sure other people I’m knitting for are reading this), and will be sending that off fairly soon. I made a super awesome tomato hat for a recent new baby, and Jamie’s cousins are having a baby soon so I’ll whip up something for them. (It is a sign of my brain these days that when a new baby is mentioned, my reaction is oooh, I’ll have to knit something.) I am working away at various Christmas/birthday/other occasion gifts, and once I give some of them away I’ll post pictures.

And just to make this a truly dull and generic post, a weather update. It’s really damn hot. I thought I lived in Edmonton? I’m telling you, hockey on a 30 degree day is just…weird.