Report from the frantic noveling front

So it’s NaNoWriMo season once again, and I’m tearing myself away from my novel for a few minutes to write here instead. This year, for the first time, I’m writing in first person, and as a result I’ve found myself much more attached to my main character than usual. Normally I just get the hots for the main guy, but I don’t really have one yet. Well, I guess I do, but she just dumped him because my GOD, he was a jerk. Man. Total dink. I wrote a scene that featured a random guy in a bar and he was all cute and charming and now I sort of want him to come back. But that wouldn’t really fit with where things are going, so he will just have to be a glorious moment of cuteness among the angst.

It’s interesting, actually, because my actual plot that I had in mind has only just started. Considering I’m now more than 37,000 words in (yes, I know it’s the 6th, yes, I’m insane, but I’m not even first in Edmonton! Clearly I’ve created a monster around here), you’d think I’d be a bit more concerned about getting into the actual meat of things, but I seem to have come to terms with the fact that this might actually be a full length novel. Last year, I had a really solid structure, and everything was totally well planned out in advance. 24 hours, one hour per chapter, done. It was great. I finished in about 65,000 words, and for the first time, I actually finished a damn story. It wasn’t bad, either.

Anyway, having finished one (and I intentionally gave it that really rigid structure for the express purpose of actually finishing the freaking thing), it doesn’t seem so impossible now, so I’ll keep trucking along and hope to get through the rest of the story. We’ll see if it goes where I expect it to – will she hook up with the guy who’s only been mentioned in passing in a letter from ten years ago? We’ll see.

MLing this year is going really well so far. I recruited Karen to be my co-ML, which has been excellent since I hang out with her all the time anyway. Edmonton is officially insane, though. We had about 60 people at our kick-off and we’ve been getting 25-30 people at our write-ins! What the hell? Where are all these people coming from? It is neat to see people from previous years, though. It’s like a reunion!

Knitting-wise, things are not quite as rosy. I got three socks finished in Socktoberfest. Yeah. Well, four, I suppose, but still. Not nearly as many as I’d hoped. I’m adjusting my plans slightly, so please don’t be offended if you get one sock and an IOU for Christmas. I’m going to try to get the out of towner socks done first, so if you live here you might have to wait a few weeks after Christmas to get your sock’s friend. But it just extends the holiday season! Right?


So, life ticks along. The weather sucks. It’s cold and snowy and windy and bleah. For someone who knits as much as I do, you’d think I’d be a little better prepared for these things, but stuff I’ve made myself is in pretty short supply. All that glorious Malabrigo is TAUNTING me but I have held out so far and stuck to the Christmas knitting. I may freeze to death, but dammit, I will have Christmas presents!

There. This is six hundred words that could have gone in my novel, and now I’ve probably fallen behind Patrick (three freaking people challenged me to one-on-one duels this year, and two of them are right on my tail or slightly ahead of me, so it’s all very exciting and dramatic), but at least my blog isn’t looking so sad. Sorry, blog. (And what the hell, Microsoft? Blog is a word! Get with the freaking times!)


2 Responses to “Report from the frantic noveling front”

  1. peasantwench Says:

    God lord, I haven’t even got 10,000 words yet. Now I feel shame. 😦
    No, but seriously, wow. You’re doing great!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I may freeze to death, but dammit, I will have Christmas presents!

    I’m sooooo there! Every day, as I knit for other while wearing a blanket as a shawl and complaining about how cold my fingers are, I thinkg about when I’m going to get around to knitting the things to keep me warm, lol

    Hope you don’t mind that I quoted you on my blog (with a linky citation, of course)

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