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New Year

December 31, 2006

I may never be able to post another photo. Jamie’s computer conveniently has a port on the front for the camera’s flash card, so I always use his for uploading pictures. And unfortunately, we haven’t gotten our networking to work properly yet (don’t even get me started or my head might explode), so I can’t even get to the pictures that are on the computer but not online.

So what’s the problem, you ask?

I gave Jamie World of Warcraft for Christmas. It’s a good thing I have many delightful hobbies of my own, since I’m fairly sure I’m never going to lay eyes on my husband again.

And so here we are at the end of the year. The last few days have been pretty uneventful – mostly just working, with a brief visit from Jana to spice things up a little. I’m fairly sure that I saw Jana more in 2006 than I have in any other year since she moved away from Edmonton. This is a very good thing that we’re hoping to continue into 2007.

As for resolutions, they aren’t anything epic this year. I’m hoping to get back into updating my book log, because I really miss having that record. I plan to knit for myself more, something I’ve already started with a hat and most of a pair of mittens already done, another hat (in glorios Manos) already started, and the yarn ordered and pattern purchased for my very own Rogue. There are a lot of babies to knit for, but that’s ok. Babies deserve hand knit items. I’ve now knit something for most of my friends and family (with a few exceptions), so I don’t feel quite so compelled to only knit for others. That does not mean, however, that I will only knit for myself. Because I do really like to give knitted gifts.

I also want to write more this year outside NaNoWriMo and Holidailies. Although this was my highest output year ever for NaNo, and for the first time ever I’ve actually done all 31 days of Holidailies (woohoo!), it’s not really very structured writing. I know I can do better than I have been doing, and I really have no excuse not to.

So, 2007, bring it on. Happy New Year, everyone!


Socks, part one

December 30, 2006

I made a lot of socks for Christmas. Eight pairs, to be precise, and I still have one more pair to finish and give away for a non-Christmas event coming up next week. (No, Erin, I did not knit you socks for your birthday. Sorry. You got a sweater. No complaining.)

As with all the photos on this blog, you can click on them for larger versions.

The first pair was actually knit over the summer. They were originally intended for my sister-in-law’s mother, who was quite sick. Unfortunately, she passed away before I could give them to her, so I finished them up and saved them for my sister-in-law.

Donna's socks 3

They’re just basic stockinette socks in KP Sock Garden Hydrangea, which I bought before they discontinued it. They striped quite nicely, I thought. Top down, and I believe I knit these on a 40 inch Addi Turbo size 1. I wouldn’t stake money on it, though. Memo to self: keep better notes on projects in the new year. They fit Donna very well and she really liked them. She had the distinction of being the only member of Jamie’s family who got a knit present on Christmas Day. (My stepmother-in-law also got a felted bag from me, but that wasn’t on Christmas.) I knit for all of them last year so they get a year off from knitted gifts. I might knit my mother-in-law a sweater at some point, though, because she would really love that.

Next up is a pair of Jaywalkers that I knit for Chantal. They’re actually my second pair of Christmas Jaywalkers, but they’re the first ones I gave and I haven’t put up the pictures of the first pair yet, so here you go.

Chantal saw me knitting the first pair (which were for Jana), and admired the pattern. (She knits, so she is more likely than most to pay attention to what I’m working on. Although to give my non-knitting friends credit, they are all very tolerant of me rambling about knitting. Extensively. Especially Karen, although she wants to learn. Still, it is appreciated! And they’re all taking up knitting anyway so I choose to take credit for that.) Fortunately, I’d already planned to make her a pair of Jaywalkers, and I decided to test out Cara’s favourite combo of Jaywalkers and Socks that Rock.
Chantal's Jaywalkers 2

This is, of course, the famous Grumperina Jaywalker, which pretty much everyone in the universe has knit at some point. It is a delightful pattern even if the fit is a bit of a bitch, and I love how quickly it knits up. This pair is in Socks that Rock Queen Rock colour, and it was knit on a KP 32 inch circular, size 1.

Chantal's Jaywalkers

As you can see, it striped quite nicely on the legs but is pooly in the feet. My other pair is exactly opposite, which kind of amused me. (Photos of the other socks will probably be in the next entry.)

Next up is one of my favourite pairs. I decided back in the summer that I was going to knit my sister’s boyfriend a pair of socks, but I changed my mind several times on what kind of socks they’d be. But then, inspiration struck, and I contacted Dani over at Sunshine Yarns. (Memo to friends who never know what to buy me: Dani has gift certificates and I LOVE her yarn. She is the one who dies the fabulous Gryffindor yarn.) She did a fantastic custom dye job for me and sent me the yarn for these:

Dave's Roughrider Socks 2

Dave’s first guess (reasonably enough, since he lives with the Gryffindor socks) was that these were Slytherin socks. But they are, in fact, Roughrider socks. As in the CFL football team that is Saskatchewan’s only professional sports team, and therefore is much beloved by Dave and pretty much everyone else in the entire province. (There’s not a lot else going on in Saskatchewan.)

He was very impressed, and was most amazed at how accurate the colour was. (Dani kicks ass.) He wore them for all of Christmas and enjoyed them immensely, particularly since they managed to be warm but not sweaty. I’m very pleased with them. They were knit on the Addi size 1 40 inch. Straight stockinette, nothing fancy. These were in Dave’s stocking.

Beth also got socks in her stocking. We always put silly Christmas socks in each other’s stockings (this year I didn’t get any, but I did get sock yarn which is even better so no complaints here), so I decided I’d make her some. However, since she was also getting a sweater, and got a pair of socks in August (you can see why my Stitch N Bitch thinks I only knit for my sister!), hers were the last pair to get knit. Hence, they are kind of little short socks, but she likes that so it’s ok.

Beth's Christmas Socks 2

Aren’t they festive? Those are, again, straight stockinette socks in KP Sock Garden Hollyberry, knit on Addi size 1s. (I stocked up on that yarn before they discontinued it.) They also fit very nicely.

And then, there is my crowning glory. The socks that, six months ago, I was absolutely convinced I’d never be able to knit. The socks that taught me how to read charts, and more importantly, how to read my knitting. That’s right. The mighty Pomatomus.

Kristy's Pomatomuses 2

These took me longer than any other pair but I think they are the nicest. They’re for Kristy (who better appreciate them, dammit), and they turned out really well. As you can see in this picture

Kristy's Pomatomuses

they pooled totally unevenly, but I don’t care. The scales are fantastic, and they are also the first time my mother ever looked at something I was knitting and said “goodness, how do you do that?” That was a proud moment. These are in Socks that Rock Ruby Slippers, which is an awesome colourway, and were knit on my KP Size 1, I think.

So those are the first five pairs of socks. The other three pairs will follow shortly – their pictures have been taken, I just haven’t put them up on flickr yet. Stay tuned! (I know, you’re waiting with bated breath.)

It was a lot of sock knitting, and I’m a little teeny bit burned out on socks. I think once I finish that other sock, I’ll take a small break. I’ve already made myself a hat and am working on a pair of mittens (my first mittens! I love mittens! They’re so cute, and the thumb is so neat, and they’re so fast and easy compared to socks!), and I’ve ordered the yarn for my Rogue and for the first baby blanket I need to make, but I think I’ll be back to socks after a week off. Once they aren’t deadline socks, I suspect they’re going to be a lot more appealing.

Plus, I have yarn for my own pair of Gryffindor socks. And that is going to rule.

Branching Out into Branching Out

December 29, 2006

When I started knitting Branching Out, I’d never knit lace before. But I understood all the theory behind lace, so I figured what the hell? The whole idea behind Branching Out is exactly what it says it is, right? And all these internet knitters are totally nuts about lace, so why not see what all the fuss is about?

So I started it. And I knit a little, and then I frogged it. And started it again. And frogged it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I probably knit that first repeat ten times. I took it to Britain to knit on the train (fewer distractions on the train), and I sort of kind of started to get it. I got to the second repeat with minimal disaster – not to suggest that it was flawless, because it was far from it, but I was surviving.

And then I didn’t touch the stupid thing for almost six months. It was near the bottom of my list of Christmas knitting, as I had other things planned to give my mother. Also, being that she is a total rock star knitter, I didn’t really want to give her something crappy. She never knits for herself anymore, having been sidelined for years by a shoulder injury and now pretty much limiting herself to baby outfits (and they are always incredible outfits), but still. She knows her shit. Plus, she taught me how to knit so I felt like I needed to really not suck.

So between the total sucking and the lack of time and the million other things to knit, it got sidelined. I picked it up again after finishing almost everything else with about two weeks to go. I knit a repeat or so, and then discovered that my lovely laceweight yarn was tangled. Like, really, really tangled. And I stared at it for a while, and then I decided that I couldn’t face untangling laceweight.

So I frogged it. It was only about three repeats, but it was still painful. I ditched the yarn and rummaged through my stash until I found another skein of laceweight: Shadow in Jewel. It was a lovely colour that I knew mum would like, so I wound it up (the previous yarn predated my winder and swift, so it was wound by hand rather poorly, hence the horrible tangle that ate the universe) and cast on again.

And somehow, it stuck this time. I switched over to the chart, having learned how to chart from Pomatomus, which was ONLY in chart form (thanks, Cookie, for making me love your socks so much I was forced to learn charts!), and suddenly I was actually getting it right. I only wanted a little wee mini Branching Out for her to wear to work with the blazers she wears all the time, so I didn’t need one that could actually go around the neck or anything. I did some math and figured 22 repeats would do it. I knit it in every spare minute – coffee breaks at work, parties – and I learned to tune things out when I needed to work on the lace rows and join back in on the purl rows.

There was a while there where I had to put it down, because I was convinced I’d run out of time. Beth’s Christmas socks weren’t done, I still had to weave in eleventy million ends, and there was all that wrapping to do. But then I had two days off, and I finished the sock, and suddenly, it was do-able.

And here it is.

Branching Out 1

Mum loved it. Her first remark when she opened up the box was “good heavens, did you make this?” Which for someone who is as knitty as she is, is quite a compliment. She wore it around all day and said she was looking forward to showing it off to all her friends. I can’t even remember anyone else ever knitting her anything (the same theory as buying books and yarn – too intimidating!) so it was nice to be able to do that. It was probably the most satisfying gift I gave this year.

A Samus for my Sister

December 28, 2006

As mentioned in the previous post, I knit my sister a sweater. I don’t have the photos of her wearing it yet, but I do have the ones I took before I gave it to her.

This sweater was actually mentioned several times on this blog, but not directly. It was the mystery project mentioned here. You see, if you look at this sweater, it has a rather elaborate cabled waistband. I had a spreadsheet on my computer set up to do this (I didn’t use charts yet, so I needed the written instructions), so I was tied to my chair in order to knit it. (Uh, not literally tied, although sometimes I got very tangled in the yarn.), and the first half of the waistband took forEVER.

Fortunately, as I mentioned rather cryptically in that entry, I learned how to cable without a cable needle (Thanks, Grumperina!), which sped the process up a great deal.

So here it is in all its glory. This is Samus, from Knitty.

Samus Cuff Detail 2

Samus 2

It was knit in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry, on a Denise size 7. I have no idea how many balls of yarn I used. (Sorry. I’m a bad knitblogger.) It is lovely and pretty and my sister really likes it. I’m going to put some form of closures on it (a zipper? Toggles? This is to be decided), but other than that it’s all done, including the endless, ENDLESS applied i-cord around the entire edge of the sweater.

It is an excellent pattern and very easy to follow. Instructions were clear, photos were helpful, and the sweater looks great. It’s pretty good for my second sweater ever, I think. (Tubey was the third.)


December 27, 2006

When my family asked me for my Christmas list this year, the number one item on it was yarn. Yarn is an excellent present for me. I like yarn! I use yarn! It is something I will get to enjoy and think of you! But much like many people don’t like to buy me books because I have a lot of them and know a lot about them, most people are a little nervous about buying me yarn. (Reasonably enough.)

Fortunately for me, my sister does not feel the same way. Whose sister rules? My sister! (And her boyfriend too, although I’m not sure how participatory he was in this. However, I can’t fault that as my sister received a hand knit sweater, photos to follow, so it’s not like Jamie was highly participatory in her gift. Although he does clean the house while I knit, so he did help.)

Anyway, Beth went with my stepmother-in-law on a trek to several yarn stores around Vancouver, where she lives. In my stocking, I found this!

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in the colourway Flames which I specifically mentioned to Beth as being one I was very partial to. (Have I mentioned that my sister rules? She listens to me talk about yarn and looks at websites and makes encouraging remarks! This pays off as I knit more for her than anyone else, so it’s a sound strategy, but it is nonetheless appreciated.) This was in my stocking. Yay!

This was the first package under the tree that I unwrapped. It’s handspun hand dyed yarn, and that’s all I know. I’m pretty sure it’s 100% wool, and the colours are really awesome. It’s a little scratchy so I gave it a bath in wool wash and we’ll see how it is after that. Suggestions welcome for what it would look best in that doesn’t need to go next to the skin!

And, finally, the really awesome one – this is 100% silk. Woo! The colours are GORGEOUS and it’s 100g of laceweight, so I could really do something quite epic with this. I have no idea what. I’m a little intimidated by it, actually – I feel like I’m not smart enough for this yarn. But I will soldier on and make something with it. It’s already wound up and looking pettable over on the desk.

I did get many other excellent gifts – a laptop backpack (which will be really useful for travelling when I take my laptop, as it means I won’t have to take a backpack AND my laptop case), both seasons of Veronica Mars (woohoooo!), a gift certificate for the bookstore (yay!), Season 1 of ER on DVD, and a shirt that I picked out myself. But the yarn is the most exciting, I think. Jamie bought me yarn for my birthday, but that was yarn that I specifically asked for. This is randomly chosen yarn! By a non-knitter! Isn’t it impressive? Clearly the knitting knowledge is in the genes even if she doesn’t know how to knit.


Christmas: Original Flavour

December 26, 2006

So we’re 50% finished with Christmas. Today, it starts all over again with Christmas Eve II: Christmas Evealoo.

My sister and her boyfriend get in this evening, and so we’re wrapping presents tonight and watching Muppets and hanging stockings, and then tomorrow we’re having a full Christmas. Which is actually quite excellent, because yesterday we spent about four hours opening presents (yeah, I know), so it was nice to go see my parents and just hang out, and this way the presents last for longer.

As detailed in the previous entry, the highlight of my gifts was the impending Wii, but my in-laws also got me a variety of highly excellent things. My brother- and sister-in-law got me a hilarious Pirates of the Cowibbean shirt, in which a cow is wearing a peg leg, an eyepatch and an earring and has a parrot on his shoulder (hee), and the dice game from the Pirates movie. My other brother- and sister-in-law got me a really nice outfit, and their kids got us a board game. (Artifact – I hear it’s good. Do any of you friends of mine know how to play so we don’t have to try to figure it out?)

My mother- and stepfather-in-law got me a subscription to Entertainment Weekly (woohoo!), a movie gift certificate and a pile of gift certificates for my favourite movie rental place (which my father- and stepmother-in-law also got us, although for a different movie place, which means I can rent a ton of TV on DVD to watch while I knit), some snacks, a variety of little goodies in my stocking, a chocolate fondue kit, and SHOES!

Whee! Shoes! Now, usually I am not very exciting about shoes, because I wear my Dansko clogs pretty much all the time and my running shoes if I’m not wearing my clogs. But my clogs have a tear in them, so I asked for a new pair. So I got a $200 gift certificate for Gravity Pope, which is the best shoe store in town that happens to carry the Danskos. Awesome! I’m way too cheap for shopping there usually, but this meant I could go shopping with abandon. I looked up their website and discovered they were having a HUGE boxing week sale, so I called up Kristy today (ah, it’s good to have friends whose immediate reaction to “wanna go shoe shopping?” is “let me get my coat.”) and we headed down. Normally I would avoid Boxing Day shopping (unlike in the U.S., it’s a holiday here so everyone in the universe is out shopping except for the poor people who work retail), but since I’m busy the rest of the week it was my only chance to go before Sunday, and I figured they’d be sold out of everything by Sunday.

It was an absolute zoo in the store, not helped by the malfunctioning security system that kept going off randomly. After several attempts by the helpful shoe guy to find my size in clogs that were on sale, he brought me a black pair and a brown pair. (I was tempted by the red ones but they weren’t on sale, and I decided I’d rather have two pairs than one red pair, even though they were excellent.) I settled on the black ones and decided that if they didn’t have any other shoes I liked in my size, I’d get the brown ones too. I rejected several pairs – I have big feet and many shoes make them look like boats – and a lot of the ones I liked they didn’t have in my size.

But then I spotted these.


They aren’t as pink as that photo would have you believe – more of a purple. And they are so cute and, more importantly, comfortable! And they are totally the cutest shoes I’ve ever owned, and they were on sale! So I got both my clogs and these for only the price of GST. Woo!

I’m going to wear them to the airport and freak out my sister. The fact that I have purply sparkly shoes with a heel on the will totally knock her over. Hee.

And tomorrow is another round. Woohoo!


December 25, 2006

Ok, technically, it isn’t the first gift I’ve gotten – I got Cars from Kristy (I watched half of it earlier today while wrapping and knitting a mitten), a headlamp from Mel so I can knit in the dark (particularly good in the car when someone else is driving), a page-a-day knitting calendar from Erin and Ashley (woo! Nerdy!), as well as a restaurant gift certificate from them, and a hilarious sock monster kit from Colin, which is going to be a source of great amusement to me, I think.

BUT! Jamie and I just got home from church, and we exchanged presents as per tradition. Since we’re running around with each others’ families on Christmas Day, we do our presents after the midnight church lets out. It’s technically Christmas but it gives us a few minutes to ourselves.

There was a little tiny box under the tree for me, and I thought it was the earrings I’d requested. (Lest you all think I’ve become some pod person who wants bling for Christmas, I wanted sleeper hoops, which is pretty much the plainest kind of earring in the universe.) But I opened it up, and it was Jamie’s cufflink box. Inside which was a coupon for a Wii.


I asked for one and totally didn’t think I’d get it (well, I knew I wouldn’t get the physical item since they’re impossible to get, but I didn’t think I’d get a coupon either), because when I told Jamie I wanted one after playing it a while ago, he told me I was being whimsical and didn’t really want one. But apparently, he played it and realised that, actually, it’s really ridiculously fun and I wasn’t just being whimsical.

So as soon as they’re available for people who DON’T want to get up at 4AM to line up, I’m getting a Wii, baby!


Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have an excellent day.

The first gift is given!

December 24, 2006

After a frenzy of photographing and wrapping earlier today, all the knitted gifts have had their pictures taken (as well as a group shot), and are wrapped up and waiting for their recipients. I was a little nervous that they weren’t all going to be done before the first one had to go out, which is why I stayed up half the night weaving in ends, since I knew the first gift would go out today.

And that gift was…Tubey!

I’m not putting all the pictures of Tubey right onto the blog, because some of the photos have little bits of other gifts on them. So if you know me in real life (unless you’re Jamie, because he was here when I was taking photos so obviously none of them are for him), don’t go click over to flickr, okay? It doesn’t give much away, but still. You can enjoy the pictures here on the page – there’s only a little hint of one other gift, and it’s for someone I’m pretty sure doesn’t read my blog anyway.

Here’s a shot of the neckline.

Tubey's Neckline

A closeup of the colours:

Close up of Tubey

And here’s Erin wearing it! (She has a shirt on underneath that got a little bunched up, but you get the idea and you can see that it fits really well.

Erin wearing Tubey!

One of the crucial elements of Tubey is the cross-back measurement. This pattern is knit in two tubes (hence the name), with the sleeves in one big long section, which means there’s not a ton of stretch across the back. I was quite nervous about this, because if it doesn’t fit well it’s (a) uncomfortable, and (b) looks crappy. Before Erin moved into our basement suite, a bunch of her clothes were stored in the garage, so I snuck out one of her shirts (I knew she wouldn’t think it was creepy – we lived together for a year so I frequently handled her laundry and not in a creepy stalker way) and measured it across the back. After that I basically just had to hope for the best.

The back of Tubey

It fits perfectly. Yay! Even better, Erin really likes the design, as I thought she would. It suits her, she likes the colours, and the fit is excellent. Woohoo!

I started Tubey on, I believe, August 11th, and finished September 22nd. (I didn’t, however, weave in the ends until yesterday, because there were a million and I HATE doing that.) It was a fast and pleasant knit, and a very well written and easy to follow.

Tubey was knit in Knit Picks Swish, which I HIGHLY recommend using for this sweater. It’s not too expensive, it’s soft which is great for a next-to-the-skin sweater such as this one, and the colours are very nice. It’s also washable, although we haven’t washed it yet. (Since Erin and I share washing facilities, I decided not to attempt to wash it without her seeing it. She almost busted me several times as it was!) The colours are black, ballerina, bordeaux, and I think the other one is capri. (I didn’t take very good notes, clearly.) It was knit entirely on a KP Options needle size 7, with magic loop for the sleeves.

It was a great knit, and I am so freaking happy that Erin liked it so much (she totally squealed, as predicted), and it fits so well. Here’s hoping the other gifts are equally successful!

(Even better? Currently in my lap is a mitten. A mitten for ME! Which is already well past the cuff. Yayyyy! I’m even using DPNs, which I haven’t done in about six months. I decided to go old school for my first mitten. And after making a million socks, it is just speeding by! I’m using Socks that Rock heavyweight, and it is looks awesome.)

Done. Done!

December 24, 2006

Sweet merciful heavens. I did it. I just wove in the last end on my last sock. There is still one thing blocking in the other room, but everything’s woven in on that so it just needs unpinning.

That means two sweaters, eight pairs of socks, and a lace scarf, all ready for Christmas. And with a whole day to spare!

Of course, I still have to wrap everything tomorrow. Oh, lord. But first, a photo session! I will take a bunch of pictures and do a post-holiday wrapup some time later this week once I’ve given away all the presents.

I can’t believe I actually did it. My god. Last week I’d pretty much given up on any hope of finishing the scarf, but here I am! With more than 24 hours to spare!

What the hell am I going to knit now? I might actually have to cast on something for myself!

Nerd Tree

December 21, 2006

There has never really been any doubt that Jamie and I are big nerds. We aren’t necessarily the same kind of nerd, although there is definitely overlap. I am a book nerd, a knitting nerd, and just sort of a general nerd. Jamie is a music nerd (although a very specific type of music nerd, as he’s never heard of Debbie Gibson and didn’t recognize Prince, so he’s obviously not an 80s music nerd), a Lord of the Rings nerd (although not a terribly hard core one), a Star Wars nerd, and also a general nerd although not in the same areas as me.

Our Christmas tree is a pretty good reflection of this nerdiness. (Note: if you really want to see close ups of our ornaments, you can click the photos to go to flickr.) Trumpet

This is only one of the many nerdy instruments on our tree. There are two trumpets (this one is really heavy and actually quite realistic, at least to my unprofessional eye), one saxophone (a tenor, alas, even though I play alto), a French Horn, and a lot of bells.

Then, there are the Star Wars ornaments. I went on a bit of a spree last year and put a bunch of them in Jamie’s stocking.

The M-Peror
This is the M-Peror. Yes, groam. He has a little matching friend on top of our tv, where he lives with the Spud Trooper and Darth Tater. I wanted to get the R2-Potatoo, but he’s expensive and hard to find.

Naboo Starfighter
This is a Naboo Starfighter that makes battle noises! It’s pretty cool, actually – you can see the little R2D2 riding in it. (Yes, I had to ask Jamie what kind of ship it was. We also have two mini ships – the Millenium Falcon and a TIE Fighter but I didn’t take photos of those.)

He talks!

Darth Vader here is actually quite elaborate. You press a button and he breathes and says a variety of ominous things. The sound is surprisingly good for, you know, a tree ornament.

Darth and the Death Star
Look, he’s overseeing the Death Star! Hee. I didn’t notice the well-placed ball until I’d taken the first picture but then I couldn’t resist another one.

Frodo and Sting, who doesn’t glow but is surprisingly pointy.

Frodo and the Naboo Starfighter
Frodo and a Starfighter, together at last.

Now, you may be thinking that thus far, this is an awfully Jamie-nerdy tree. Fear not.

This is the super awesome hand knit sweater ornament that one of my Knitty Secret Pals, poppins, made for me. Isn’t it cute? It’s pink and stripy and it’s the first ornament I put on the tree. It’s sitting straight across from my knitting chair where I can see it. I kind of want to make myself a full sized version – I like the colours!

Reading Girl
This is one of my favourites. Debbie gave it to me last year, because she said it made her think of me. Hee. I like that people think of me when they see nerdy reading things!

Dorothy and the Lion
This isn’t a great picture, but check it out – her shoes are TOTALLY sparkly. My mother-in-law gave this to me several years ago.

Fresh Eggs
This is one of my favourite ornaments simply because it is just so random. It is exactly what it looks like – a little teeny wire basket with eggs inside. It is very small and I have no idea what on earth it has to do with Christmas, but it is very cute and silly.

This isn’t actually on our tree, nor is it specifically Christmas, but man is it nerdy.

That is the Disneyland Castle, with Mickey and Minnie standing in front, lit up by Christmas lights on our mantle. I am very fond of it and it looks particularly nice this time of year. This might be the nerdiest thing in the whole room, but it is also my favourite.

This isn’t nerdy, but it’s very sweet.


Jamie’s cat Pood died several years ago, so Jamie made up little photo ornaments for all his family.

So there you go. Don’t worry, there are plenty of non-nerd things on the tree, much to my mother’s relief, but those aren’t quite as entertaining. I like that our Christmas tree reflects our personalities. It wouldn’t take long for someone to figure us out, looking at this tree.

The mess in the rest of the room would go a long way to get to know us, too.