Do you think it’s a sign?

There’s this house a little ways away from us that always has a ton of Christmas lights. They’ve got candy canes all along their eavestrough, and a Christmas tree of lights on top of their front door, and all sorts of other crap all over their house. And then they have a huge stinking spotlight on a sign that says “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

Which is all fine and good, but if that’s the case, shouldn’t you tone down the large quantities of godless lights? Maybe they just want to make sure other people see the sign. Catch their attention with the overuse of lights and then surprise them with the sermon out of nowhere. Because, dontcha know, there’s nothing more effective than a lawn sign to make people change their minds. “By god, you’re RIGHT! I’m going to return these gifts and throw out the Christmas tree when I get home! Thanks, anonymous sign!”

I kind of feel the same way about bumper stickers. We saw a really awful anti-abortion one at West Edmonton Mall a few weeks ago, and we were speculating as to whether anyone has ever actually had their mind changed by a bumper sticker. Like, what, you’re just sitting in traffic, and the overly cutesy rhyme on the car in front of you is going to cause a sudden epiphany? Wow, I had no IDEA abortion was actually murder! Bumper sticker, you’ve saved my life!

(I only have one bumper sticker on my car, and it’s a Barenaked Ladies one that says BNL in the style of the European country stickers. It amuses me, because at least five people have seen my car and asked “ok, I have been trying to figure it out for three kilometers, but I’m stumped – what country is that?” I also have a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be knitting” but I haven’t put it on yet. Mostly because my car is always really dirty. But neither of those are trying to convince other people of anything, they are merely statements about me.)

In other news: Christmas shopping continuing to be under control, with several more presents purchased in the last few days. The second sock of the most recent pair is now onto the gusset decreases, with two more socks to go after this one. The end is sort of, almost, possibly starting to appear in the distance. There is hope for me yet.


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