Of carjackers and charity

Non stop action this evening after a slow couple of days. Just as Jamie and I were about to leave (both in separate directions), the back doorbell rang and Jamie opened the door to find a cop with a police dog. He needed to take a look inside our garage, because there was a carjacker on the lam in our neighbourhood, and the light in our garage was on.


Keep in mind the kind of neighbourhood I wrote about just the other day – this is a lemonade stand and water fights on the lawn kind of neighbourhood. Not generally one you’d associate with carjackings! But we’re pretty close to Whyte Ave, which is apparently stabby central these days (one of the hockey blogs I read rather hilariously suggested calling it an “Edmonton handshake” or a”Whyte Ave how’d you do” if you get stabbed on Whyte, which is clearly very offensive and horribly demeaning to those who have been stabbed but is nonetheless very funny, and don’t worry, I’m already going to hell anyway), so it’s not totally inconceivable that this sort of shit would happen.

Anyway, there was not a carjacker in our garage. Erin had just left so the light from the garage door opener was still on, and we were pleasantly carjacker-free. Always a good thing.

Fortunately, from that I went to Stitch n Bitch, where we were wrapping up items for the charity knitting drive that the person who runs our SnB organized. We had around 300 hand knit items ready to go out to the Edmonton Women’s Shelter, and my faith in humanity was greatly restored. Well, my faith in knitters, anyway. It was fun, and I got some knitting done, and many people admired my Pomatomuses (as they should, because that pattern is amazing), so I got to be societally useful and hang out with fun people at the same time.

SnB actually kind of reminds me of NaNoWriMo a little bit. It’s this eclectic bunch of people that I would never otherwise come across in my daily life, all hanging out due to one common interest that other people probably find pretty weird. And while I wouldn’t hang out with some of them outside the context of NaNo or SnB, it’s fun while I’m there, and many of these people whose paths I never would have otherwise crossed turn out to be the type of people I would choose to hang out with. It’s nice to know that in this weird post-university life where your friends are no longer in all the same places as you and your activities aren’t arranged for you, it’s still possible to meet people.

(Knitting update: Finished a sock today, and Pomatomus is well into the foot. My god, there is light at the end of the tunnel!)


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