DVD Nostalgia

I’m not sure if Dawson’s Creek or Beverly Hills 90210 is worse, but I spent two hours today watching the latter. (Fitting it in around the Survivor finale, which is possibly the worst of the lot, but my favourite won so I don’t care.)

I didn’t really like this show much when it was first on – I was nine when it started, so some of it was kind of lost on me. My sister, though, was 11, which was the perfect age to be totally sucked into all the drama. And we tended to watch each others’ shows even if we didn’t like them, because we had this elaborate system of sharing the TV that we both understand perfectly and nobody else, including our parents, can grasp even now. (I don’t know why – it’s perfectly logical.) Anyway, as a result, we watched mostly the same stuff and as a result dragged each other into a lot of shows we wouldn’t have chosen on our own. (Beth gets credit for Friends, which I really objected to watching, and I get credit for The Simpsons, which Beth thought was stupid. There are many other instances of situations where we grudgingly admitted defeat several months or years down the line, but those are the two notable examples.)

Anyway, this show takes me back to being a pre-teen/teenager more than any other show, I think, probably because unlike almost everything else we used to watch, I haven’t seen a single rerun since the show ended. And it’s just so nineties. My god. The hair, the clothes, the slang…gah. It’s like a bizarro time capsule in soap opera format.

And of course, I’m dying to watch the whole show now. Stupid addictive TV on DVD! I’ve got the first four discs out right now, and I’m going to burn through them this week while I knit. And then I will go back to the movie store and rent the rest of the season, because I have no shame.

On the knitting front, I’ve pretty much admitted defeat on the lace scarf, but everything else is going well. I’m going to have to have a Pomatomus blitz one day this week, but I’m starting to think I might actually make it! I’m nearly half done the applied icord that ate the universe, and once that’s out of the way I can actually see the end in sight.

Fortunately, I’ve got the West Beverly gang to get me there.


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