Done. Done!

Sweet merciful heavens. I did it. I just wove in the last end on my last sock. There is still one thing blocking in the other room, but everything’s woven in on that so it just needs unpinning.

That means two sweaters, eight pairs of socks, and a lace scarf, all ready for Christmas. And with a whole day to spare!

Of course, I still have to wrap everything tomorrow. Oh, lord. But first, a photo session! I will take a bunch of pictures and do a post-holiday wrapup some time later this week once I’ve given away all the presents.

I can’t believe I actually did it. My god. Last week I’d pretty much given up on any hope of finishing the scarf, but here I am! With more than 24 hours to spare!

What the hell am I going to knit now? I might actually have to cast on something for myself!


3 Responses to “Done. Done!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So so so so happy for you!

    Poppins (who wants to know if your fingers nervously make knitting motions even when you’re sleeping)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I know exactly the relief you’re feeling right now! (I still have half a scarf to finish today.) It’s the curse of the Christmas knitter…

  3. LadyLungDoc Says:


    I’d write a longer comment, but I have to get back to Da Socks…

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