Ok, technically, it isn’t the first gift I’ve gotten – I got Cars from Kristy (I watched half of it earlier today while wrapping and knitting a mitten), a headlamp from Mel so I can knit in the dark (particularly good in the car when someone else is driving), a page-a-day knitting calendar from Erin and Ashley (woo! Nerdy!), as well as a restaurant gift certificate from them, and a hilarious sock monster kit from Colin, which is going to be a source of great amusement to me, I think.

BUT! Jamie and I just got home from church, and we exchanged presents as per tradition. Since we’re running around with each others’ families on Christmas Day, we do our presents after the midnight church lets out. It’s technically Christmas but it gives us a few minutes to ourselves.

There was a little tiny box under the tree for me, and I thought it was the earrings I’d requested. (Lest you all think I’ve become some pod person who wants bling for Christmas, I wanted sleeper hoops, which is pretty much the plainest kind of earring in the universe.) But I opened it up, and it was Jamie’s cufflink box. Inside which was a coupon for a Wii.


I asked for one and totally didn’t think I’d get it (well, I knew I wouldn’t get the physical item since they’re impossible to get, but I didn’t think I’d get a coupon either), because when I told Jamie I wanted one after playing it a while ago, he told me I was being whimsical and didn’t really want one. But apparently, he played it and realised that, actually, it’s really ridiculously fun and I wasn’t just being whimsical.

So as soon as they’re available for people who DON’T want to get up at 4AM to line up, I’m getting a Wii, baby!


Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have an excellent day.


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