Good weather for a knitter

It is really, really, really cold. So cold that when I came home for lunch today, I abandoned my jaunty Malabrigo hat and matching Socks that Rock mittens, and dug out my old but thick Wool-Ease hat and scarf set and put my fleece mittens back on. It was kind of depressing, even though I like the Wool-Ease hat because it’s enormous so my hair fits inside it. (I hate the feeling of hair smushed down against my neck, especially when it’s in a ponytail, so I just fold it up inside my hat.)

It is also cold enough that I’ve totally abandoned my shawl (what, are you kidding? A shawl is useless for at least four months. To the bottom of the basket with you!), have left the baby sweater with one sleeve left to seam up and sew on (I can’t wear it, therefore it is currently useless to me), and am not even looking at the socks I’m supposed to be knitting Rachel. (Sorry, Rachel.)

So what am I knitting? Rogue! That’s right, the long put-off sweater is actually on the needles. I was working on the turned hem tonight (k1p1, my least favourite type of knitting in the universe) while Jamie and I were watching Veronica Mars. I was grumbling about the endless rounds of ribbing and expressing my disbelief that somebody in my Stitch n Bitch knit a Rogue for the Knitting Olympics. (16 days!) And then I said, “mind you, she was skinnier. This wouldn’t be so bad if I was less fat.”

Jamie had the most hilarious confused look on his face. He was quiet for a minute, and then finally piped up. “How would it be easier to knit if you were skinnier?” Clearly he was wondering if my excess flab somehow interfered with my knitting technique somehow. He seemed kind of relieved when I explained that it actually just meant I needed a bigger sweater.

So Rogue is almost finished its turned hem (1.75 rounds of 12 left to knit), which means it’s approximately eighty million hours of knitting away from finished, which means it’ll be done right when the weather improves. But damn, will I be happy I knit it next year when the weather sucks this bad.

In the shorter term improvement department, I caved into something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Flush with the triumph of knitting my first mittens last week, but discouraged by the fact that they aren’t quite -30 kind of mittens, I stopped in at the yarn store to buy myself a thrum mitten kit. Fleece Artist, in lovely pinks and burgundys and oranges and blues. I am very excited about it – the roving is so soft I can’t wait for my hands to be all snuggled up with it.

Unfortunately, I want to knit them on my 3s. Which are currently in use for the turned hem of Rogue. So I continue to slog away at the ribbing, desperate for thrum mittens to protect me from the evil weather.

Think anyone would notice if my turned hem was only 11 rounds?


2 Responses to “Good weather for a knitter”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No one would ever know. It’ll be our little secret.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Whatever. I would SOOOOOO know. Being such an expert and all. And you just told on yourself.

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