Dear Rogue, I love you

Please don’t think that just because I’m seeing other projects, I don’t love you as much. I do! You’re my favourite project ever! (At least, I’m pretty sure you are, but I’m not going to think too hard about that because that’s pretty much a never ending spiral of “no, wait, I think I love THIS best!”) Look at how much progress I made on you this weekend! I didn’t knit anything else for two days straight. I can prove it!

Here’s where you were on Thursday.

Rogue Side Cable 2

Here’s where you are today.

Rogue Other Side Cable

See? You’re almost ready to join up with your pockety friend! Only a few more rows. And as mentioned in that previous entry, you’re not a small sweater. I’m not a small person. A Rogue for me has more than 200 stitches in a round. It’s not like these are fast little nothing rounds I’m accomplishing here. The fact that you’re nearing the pocket join is really quite impressive.

Rogue Full View January 22

(Uh, actually, speaking of that, since I memorized this part of the cable so easily, I sort of stopped keeping such good track of where we are. I’m hoping you can help me out there, Rogue. You’re easy to count, right? Sure. Let’s go with that.)

Anyway, despite what it might look like, you’re still my favourite. Try not to get too worked up about this.

Sock Pal sock

I know. It’s a sock. I said I needed a break from socks. I said I knit too many socks and was really excited about knitting a sweater for a change. I wrote that whole entry about how it was too cold for anything but a nice cozy sweater. I know. I’m a tease.

But look at the colours, Rogue!

Sock Pal sock with flash 1

That is a seriously good looking sock. It’s so bright! So cheery! Such a nice contrast to your sensible but unexciting beigeness! Look at how it’s striping so perfectly!

Sock Pal sock with flash 2

I’m not abandoning you entirely, Rogue. Just sharing you a little with your little socky friend here. I have a deadline! There is a pal with cold feet waiting for some delightful green socks. I have a duty to uphold. Don’t worry, you’ll get finished. I can promise that even more so now that I put you onto some extra needles and tried you on and discovered you fit perfectly. Perfectly! See? We’re meant to be together. Your turned hem even flips itself up, just like it’s supposed to. This isn’t anything meaningful, Rogue. I’m not even keeping them! It’s just a temporary thing.

Don’t be mad. I still love you. How could I not? Look how pretty you are!

Rogue Zoomed Out Side Cable View January 22


4 Responses to “Dear Rogue, I love you”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rogue looks fantastic so far! I finished one myself (without a pocket) recently. The socks look great too. I look forward to more fun WIP posts…and to spoiling you with SP gifts of course!!!
    -Your Knittyboard SP8 SP

  2. Zanne Says:

    Heehee… I like the little letter there, SarahJanet. Those socks are a very pretty green, and are striping quite perfectly. That’s so very cool. So how are your little WIPs coming along now that it’s half way through the week?

  3. LilKnitter Says:

    Oh. My. Word. I love that sock! Fabulous colour! Fabulous pattern! Ooooohhh!!!

  4. knitting bandir Says:

    I think Rogue is taking the news of your infidelity very well. It hasn’t dropped any stitches in shock or tied itself up in knots out of pure revenge! SO mature! The cute little sock is just a fling, after all who could resisit that yarn!

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