Superlame Supebowl Sunday

Ok, the universe appears to have forgiven me. (Knock wood!) I’ve finished shaping the armholes on Rogue’s back, and just have to knit flat for a while before I start shaping the shoulders. And by a while, I mean another 27 rows. I am having a truly exciting day that has led to me still being in my pajamas at 7:27pm. I know. That’s pathetic. But the knitting! I’ve also watched several episodes of House, which I have out from the library. But then Jamie got home, and despite the fact that he doesn’t give a shit about the NFL (He is a CFL man through and through), somehow he is still watching the Superbowl.

Watching the Superbowl in Canada is actually pretty lame, because we get dumb Canadian commercials instead of the excellent American ones. They aren’t usually anything special, but there have been two that cracked me up. One is a GM commercial with one of those thingies that remove tires (I don’t know. It’s yellow.) being fired and trying to find a new job and eventually killing himself. I don’t know, it caught me in a moment of weakness! I also liked the Coke commercial with the Grand Theft Auto guy.

ANYway, suffice it to say I have had a pretty lame day. I don’t have any plans tomorrow, either. I think I might go see a movie in the afternoon. What’s the point in having weekdays off if you can’t go see matinees by yourself? I keep meaning to do so but haven’t gotten around to it. There are enough movies I want to see before the Oscars that if I wait to go with Jamie, I’ll never make it to half of them. Plus a weekday matinee by myself means I can knit without bugging anyone. (Not that I let that stop me in most movies, but if the theater is packed I don’t usually knit.) Not that anything I actually want to see is playing at the most convenient theatre. Grr.

Right. As the universe is temporarily cooperating, Rogue photos! As you can see, I’m making good progress. I’m hoping to have the back done by tonight. (Maybe I’ll go watch tv on the computer.) Please don’t judge me about how dirty the mirror is. The only other mirror in our house has a sandblasted picture of me and Jamie on it. Kind of an amusing novelty, but not great for photos!

Rogue Chart A Done Full View

As you can see, the fit is fantastic. I am pleased with this, as I always get a bit nervous about gauge.

The side cable turned out great. I am going to ignore the miscrossed cables. I choose to think of it as a design feature.

Rogue Chart A Done Cable View

I do have to turn my attention somewhat to my baby blanket and my sock pal socks, since those have deadlines. But man, this sweater is addictive! Maybe I’ll get the body finished and then work on the other two for a while before I pick up the sleeves and the hood.


2 Responses to “Superlame Supebowl Sunday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rogue is looking great! I wish I had a jammies day this weekend. It’s early Monday morning and I feel utterly unable to handle that. Jammieeeeees…sniff, sniff.


  2. Maura Says:

    Your Rogue is looking fabulous! I can’t wait to see it completed. Think about the miscrossed cables as a way to ensure that it’s unique 😉

    BTW, I read somewhere that yesterday was a virtual pajama party. I will admit to participating in that yesterday as well.

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