Sock Pal Socks!

Finally! I was working late today (and let me tell you, my day is going about six hundred times better than yesterday – helped significantly by the early birthday cake at work), so my break was at 4:00. Conveniently, Jamie was home and made dinner for me, so I had a few minutes to go outside at take photos. Natural light! It’s a miracle! Also a miracle is the fact that there’s any natural light at 4:00. Two months ago it was getting dark when I came home for my break. Spring is coming!

Anyway, I really wanted to take some pictures in the snow, since it’s such a conveniently blank and bright background for photos, but I didn’t want to get the socks all snowy. So I put down a plastic bag first. Problem solved.

You can’t really tell that it’s snow (there is a lot of it in our backyard!), but the pictures turned out nice and bright.

Sock Pal Socks 4

This is a really good shot of the colours – they look great against the snow and in the light.

Sock Pal Socks 2

This is a nice view of the stitch pattern – isn’t it nice? It looks really good with the yarn, I think.

Sock Pal Socks 3

Taa daa!

Sock Pal Socks 1

Sunshine Yarns Black Olive Stripe, knit on KP Options size 1. The pattern is the Chevron Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, with a slightly adapted heel and toe. (I forgot to take pictures of the heel, which is too bad because I think they’re kind of neat.) Going in the mail ASAP to snowdrop!


4 Responses to “Sock Pal Socks!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very cool pattern. I was thinking this would be a great alternative to Jaywalkers in that they are ribbed and would therefore be more elastic. Am I right?


  2. snowdrop Says:

    OMFG!! These are gorgeous… AND they are going to be on my feet!! OMFG…
    Oh, did I mention I love them?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The socks came out great! I love them. Such pretty colors. Green is my favorite!
    -Your knittyboard SP

  4. cathy Says:

    those are gorgeous socks. I love the greens.

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