Sweater update

The weather here is absolutely insane right now. It is warm and sunny every day. People are wandering around in tshirts. I saw a guy in shorts the other day, but in typical Edmonton fashion, he was also wearing a toque. (Quite sensible, actually.) Considering it’s the ninth of March, it’s actually a bit alarming, but it is really, really hard to feel bad about global warming when you’re sitting on a patio on your coffee break knitting in your short sleeves.

The downside, of course, is the snow is melting like crazy. I swear there’s a puddle across from work that has tides and an ecosystem. There is a lot of splooshing. Jamie drove home with his window down the other day and actually got his hair wet.

Anyway, as I said, I spent my coffee break out on our balcony at work, which is gorgeous and a serious advantage to this branch. I have been knitting nothing but the baby sweater for the last two days, and as a result I’m finished the front and the back, the shoulders have been seamed, and the collar has been picked up and knit on. I changed the collar around a bit, because the pattern called for almost a mock turtleneck, and who wants to stuff a baby into a turtleneck? Nobody.


Unfortunately, Mr. Bear’s fuzzy neck somewhat obscures that, but I am confident that the baby won’t be pink and furry. The intarsia is a little more even than it appears here – this is taken at a funny angle.

You get a better view of the flower in this shot, with special guest star Count Numbear!


He came to visit with Mr. Bear. I didn’t knit his sweater vest, unfortunately, but I am very fond of him and his little glasses. He used to belong to my grandma, and she gave him to me when she moved to Victoria.

Mr. Bear also went for a visit.


(Jamie is watching tv with some intensity.)

Before the baby sweater frenzy, I actually made really good progress on Rogue. Of course, now it’s freaking 14 degrees every day and I’m going to finish a wool sweater, but it’s Alberta, so I’m sure I’ll need it again before too long.

I finished the hood, and once I got to the top, the pattern gave me the option of either a three needle bind off or a kitchener stitch. Since I’ve never done 3 needle bind off before, I figured I’d give that a whirl. Finished it off, went looking at other pictures, and realised that the kitchener totally looked better. So I painstakingly pulled out all the bind off and went looking for information on the kitchener.

Somebody has posted a cheat sheet for the hood graft specifically on Rogue, which was awesome. (Did I bookmark it? I did not.) It took two tries, but I think it looks waaaay better now. Not that you can see it in these photos. (I’m not very on the ball tonight with the photos.)


Which brings the sum total of Rogue to this:


Oh, and this:


Not bad. Once the baby sweater is done, it’s full Rogue ahead!


2 Responses to “Sweater update”

  1. KimProbable Says:

    I fully support you in your decision to change the neck on the baby shirt. Lily once had a cute little turtleneck shirt and she couldn’t wear it until it was almost too small because she lacked sufficient neck length. The little fold went up to her eyeballs.

  2. LilKnitter Says:

    Oh..oh! Oh! I LOOOVE the hood for Rogue!! I adORE it! How is it that I’ve visited her site as many times as I have, and never noticed that it reads “HOODED pullover”? I’m a nut. But truly, beautiful.

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