Flash your Stash 2007

I was fairly new to the whole online knitting world during last year’s Flash Your Stash, so I only observed and didn’t participate. Besides, my stash wasn’t that impressive then. These days, although I won’t be winning any awards for stash size, despite what my husband thinks, it is a respectable collection.

I tried to think of something imaginative to do with my stash, but I was pressed for time and not feeling very creative. I did, however, label the whole stash on Flickr if you want to know what something is! If you click through to this first photo, everything has a note on it.

Flash your Stash (with notes!)

Is it a bad sign when it’s actually not as much as you were expecting?


I had to go shower so I could go have a pedicure with Erin, but once Jamie got over the horror (actually, he mostly just rolled his eyes), he took over the photography. Here are some gratuitiously artsy shots!




(Why yes, our new camera does have a super macro setting!)






And just for the sake of full disclosure, here’s the tub o’ acrylic. I didn’t unpack it because it isn’t very decorative, but I did take a few quick photos.


So there you go. My stash. Hey, it’s not like I’m collecting decorative plates, here. It’s useful! And won’t you all be sorry when there’s a month long power cut from a huge snowstorm and you don’t have a yarn fort to keep you warm?


9 Responses to “Flash your Stash 2007”

  1. sgeddes Says:

    Looks like you’ve built yourself a might fine stash!

  2. cpurl17 Says:

    Wow! Woman, at this rate, you’ll be reaching SABLE status by next year!

  3. Zonda Says:

    Awesome yarn! Love the colors! It’s been fun seeing everyones!

    Oh, I had wondered if Cpurl had noticed your Gryfindor yarn! We both tried to get some this week for her!

  4. knitty_kat Says:

    cpurl17, are you sure this isn’t already SABLE? Dear gourd I don’t think I could knit all this in a life time (I certainly would enjoy rolling around in it though).

    Very nice!

  5. aija Says:

    Wow… and the yellow just jumps off of the screen!

  6. Reina Says:

    Oh my, that’s quite the very attractive stash you have there.

  7. Shannon Says:

    I’m so gonna use the “decorative plates” line!! awesome!

  8. Michelle Says:

    I’ll have my own nice cozy yarn fort, even if it is mostly acrylic.

    And if there wasn’t as much as you expected, that just means you need to buy more yarn!

  9. Theresa Says:

    Whoo! STASH!!

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