Welcome to the new Monkey Pants!

Welcome to the all new Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity!  I am not entirely convinced I know what the hell I’m doing here, but after 18 months over at Blogger, I was getting frustrated with some of the things that just weren’t working for me.  It’s not like I am so blog savvy that I need all that much, but I like the look and style of WordPress quite a lot, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I kind of miss my monkey and hippo up at the top there, but I am too dumb to figure out how to put them back.  (Any wordpress geniuses who’d like to help me out would be very welcome.) 

 Blog content has been a little thin lately, which is probably not the best time to make the switch since nobody will bother to check me out over here, so maybe I’ll have a contest or something in a little while.  I’ve been really freaking busy (although nowhere near as busy as Jamie, who just got home from school at 9:15 pm), and I’m not really knitting anything that’s very interesting that I can show you.  The babies have kind of taken over my knitting time lately, so while I promise that eventually I will have photos of knitting again, right now you’ll have to be patient.  (There will hopefully be another cultural tour next week – I’m chaperoning Jamie’s band trip in Banff so if I have time, I’ll take some photos of the second Gryffindor sock, which is coming along nicely.) 

 Fortunately, I have some more Disneyland photos to distract you with!  These ones don’t have any socks in them, but they do have a variety of people. 

 Here we are riding the Matterhorn.  Whee! 


Jamie and Jana rode their own teacup, because they are not fans of spinning, whereas Ben and I are not lame and therefore rode in our own teacup where we could spin like cool people.  Jamie is trying to fool you into thinking their teacup is cool.  Don’t fall for it.


An unfortunate side effect of the cool teacup is all the spinning makes you look like a complete maniac.


Here is Jamie’s arms and me and Jana riding the Carousel. (The rest of Jamie rode it too but didn’t deign to be photographed.)


Jana and I have long since perfected the art of the self portrait. Here we are on the railroad.


Much though these photos would have you believe that the four of us were never in the same place at the same time, there is photographic evidence to the contrary! In front of the castle, courtesy of one of the official photographers.


And, courtesy of one of the other people on our raft, Grizzly River Run. (Note: my purse is stuffed under my sweater to keep my sock dry. I am not, in fact, pregnant with a cube, as the photo would have you believe.)


So. Bear with me as I figure out the details of WordPress, and thanks for hopping over! There is already an RSS feed for the site, so if you’re on bloglines, you can put “sarahjanet.wordpress.com” under “Subscribe to URL” and you should be able to sign right up! (Uh, I think. Worked for me, anyway!)

Say hi so I know you made it over, would you? It’s feeling a little lonely over here. (Despite the fact that all my old entries came along for the ride, since wordpress makes it SUPER easy to import my blogger blog.) Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity welcomes you to its new home!


23 Responses to “Welcome to the new Monkey Pants!”

  1. Laina Says:

    Hey! Sounds like Disney was fun.
    I hear tell of a possible Harry Potter theme park in Florida in conjuction with Universal Studios.
    I will have to steal some children and go when it opens!

  2. trillian42 Says:


    Random chance in the picture of Jamie and Jana in the teacup has resulted in sculpture in the background looking like fairy wings on him. It’s particularly amusing when combined with the “Mr. Cool” face. 😀

  3. prairiepoppins Says:

    Love the spinning picture of you!

  4. Spudd Says:

    I made it! Love the Disney pics… looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Shannon Says:

    awesome pics…do have to go to Disneyland some day!

  6. pootandcubby Says:

    Yay! Andi here (from your stitch and bitch). Just delurking to welcome you to the wonderful world of WordPress. I get all giddy when people leave Blogger for here as I am not a Blogger fan.

    And if you dare to visit my blog, I will warn you that it is mostly mommy blatherings with extremely minimal knitting content. Oh, and love the Disney pics, BTW.

  7. Jo Says:

    So I’m stopping by to say Hi! I listen to instructions very well 😀

  8. stariel Says:

    So… when is the cube due?

  9. Penny Karma Says:

    I LOVE that teacup picture! What a cute bunch you are.

  10. knitty-kat Says:

    I was wondering why you blog didn’t up date on bloglines (1st here from Knitty flash your stash).

    I miss your pics at the top too, although I’m not sure how to add it either. Take a look at the HTML in bloglines and see what’s different, at least it’s a start

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  19. J.P. Says:

    I love the pics! It makes me want to get a Disney fix!

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