Baby? Baby!

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you…

Pinwheel Baby Blanket Number One!


(Yes, I said number one. Stay tuned!)

Now, those of you who have been paying attention will realise that this means the baby belonging to this blanket has made his or her debut, since I’ve been holding back the photos until the babies receive their presents. (Snoopy mothers are reading here, you know.)


This is Jacob. He was born on Tuesday, at 10:34AM. He belongs to my friend Chris, and he has two big sisters who have made frequent appearances on this blog. (Julia, her oldest, was frequently seen on my diaryland diary.) I went to visit him today.


Babies give me bad posture. He was sitting on my leg propped up with my arm, which is a pose that doesn’t lend itself to flattering photos, but I figure you’re all looking at the baby anyway. So was I, really.


(Sorry about the photo quality on these next few – I was trying not to bug him with the flash.)


Julia, who is now nearly five (good lord), was one of the first people I knit for. Second, I believe, only to Jamie. I knit her a scarf when she was very small. A matching hat followed the next winter.

Jan31-Stripey Hat 001

Elena, who is nearly three, was the recipient of my first every baby blanket. It was enormous and not at all baby sized, and made out of boucle yarn. (Bleah.) It took me ages to knit, but I finished it in time to take it to the hospital.


(That is not a very good shot of the blanket, because it’s all folded up since it’s fifteen times the size of miniElena.)

It’s kind of cool to see how my knitting has improved over the years, although I do feel a little bad for Julia since she didn’t get a blanket. (She was spoiled rotten, though, since she was the first baby in my group of friends, so I don’t think she suffered or anything.) Jacob is the third of six babies that are showing up this year in my general circle of people, and his timing was impeccable. Since we’re leaving for Cuba tomorrow, we were expecting to miss him entirely – his due date wasn’t actually until next week. We were all hoping we wouldn’t miss him entirely, but there was a good chance he would have been born and gone back home to Ft. Mac by the time we got back, so it was very obliging of him to make his appearance now.


May it keep you covered in good health, Jacob! You are very cute. Please come visit frequently.

 (Oh, I almost forgot to give you the knitting details.  Whoops.  Pinwheel baby blanket, as seen all over the internet, knit in KnitPicks Swish Superwash.  Six balls, in Aloe, Jade, and Sunshine.  Seed stitch border, which you can’t really see in any of these pictures.  Knit on size 7 KP needles.  Took me about a week and a half – I knit nothing else for over a week straight because I changed my mind about who was getting which blanket.)


6 Responses to “Baby? Baby!”

  1. Zonda Says:

    Super job on the blankets! Love the hat too!

  2. otismurph Says:

    I love it! The colors and the border are great, very manly without being, y’know, obviously blue or something. I have to make this blanket, I love it every time I see it!

  3. Kate Says:

    I like it! I’ve got a baby I should be knitting for (not mine!), and maybe I’ll do something similar to that…

  4. Batty Says:

    Pretty blanket… and what a cute baby!

  5. knitty-kat Says:

    um, you were in the pictures?! I didn’t notice . . . must have been totally distracted by the frigging cute baby! Fab blanket BTW!!

  6. Poppins Says:

    I’m tagging you for a meme. If you hate them, ignore it. 🙂

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