I’m starting to get a bit suspicious. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say life was out to get me.

Those of you who have me as a friend on Facebook may have noticed a suspicious run of status updates last week. You see, I was trying to build a pyramid for work. (This is one of the many ways in which my job is both weird and excellent. I bet you don’t get to build pyramids at your job, do you?) Summer Reading Club starts today (hallelujah, I have the day off), so I was building the registration desk.

Now, we do have a good program room at work which is an excellent work area, but unfortunately it was booked a lot of the time over the past few weeks, so I needed a place to construct my pyramid. Luckily, the weather was excellent, and we have a delightful patio at work, so I headed out there for a few hours. I measured, cut, and painted the pyramid pieces, and then left them flat to dry for a while after carefully scanning the horizon for impending clouds.

I had been down at the desk for quite some time when somebody mentioned rather casually, “oh look, it’s raining!”


I sprinted up the stairs and rescued the pyramid from the absolute downpour. Less than three minutes after I brought the pieces inside, it stopped raining and the sun came back out. Great. Only one piece needed repainting, though – the rest just had a nice weathered look that I convinced myself was authentic.

So the following Monday, I head back out onto the patio where the weather is again glorious. I repainted the one piece, and then drew bricks on all the pieces. While I was bricking the first side piece, though, a suspicious few drops of liquid appeared from the sky. Naturally, I panicked, but when I looked up, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Just a bird.

That’s right. A fucking BIRD flew by and POOED on my pyramid.

I came home from work in a bit of a huff and proceeded to pick up my knitting. I’ve been knitting pretty steadily on the Central Park Hoodie in the hopes of finishing it before the Mystery Stole Knitalong starts this Friday. And I’m pretty confident that I could have easily finished this sweater weeks ago if I didn’t keep fucking the stupid thing up!

This is not a hard sweater. At all. And I think that’s actually the problem. It’s SO easy that I don’t pay enough attention to the instructions, and am continually making stupid, stupid mistakes.

For example, I finished the back and one of the sides before I went to Cuba, so I didn’t bring them along so as to save space in my carry-on. Unfortunately, I had a little too much confidence in my ability to eyeball the cables. Yup. Every single cable cross on the entire right front was two rows too tall. I had to rip the entire thing out. Then, just as I was making good progress, I realised I’d done the ribbing wrong – where I should have started with P2, I started with K2. (Or vice versa – you get the idea.) I had to rip it out AGAIN. It took me three freaking tries to get the stupid section knit, but I finally finished it the other day.

I also had a sleeve done, since when I was on Jamie’s band trip I’d brought the wrong size needles, and decided I’d do the sleeve ribbing on a 6 instead of the 5 that the body ribbing was done on, since that would be easy to match on the second sleeve. (It was either that or have nothing to knit. I regret nothing.) So once I finished the accursed front piece, I happily cast on for the second sleeve, patting myself on the back for doing things out of order and avoiding second sleeve syndrome, which I often struggle with.

I was pretty confident in my memory of the pattern having done the front section three times. I knit happily along, and made it all the way to here:


in just a few episodes of the Sopranos. (We started from the beginning.) I was doing great! No problem finishing this baby in time for the MSKAL!

Yeah. Until I realised that I was happily knitting the same as the front section. Yes, I had the cables in the right place, but guess what? Sleeves have increases.


You can see in that picture where I threaded my needle through to catch the stitches. (This is why I love circs.) Two minutes later, I had this:


(You’ll note I’ve learned from the multiple froggings on this sweater to take before and after pictures for better sympathy on the blog, despite the temptation to just rip the damn thing out.)

Since then, I have reknit the sleeve, seamed the shoulders, and started the hood. But a moment ago, I discovered that the cables on the back aren’t supposed to continue on the hood. Which I, of course, have been doing.

Fuck it. I looked up the sweater on Ravelry, found that at least one other person cabled all the way up the hood, and figured that’s good enough for me. I like the idea of cables up the hood! I did it on purpose!  Somebody else did it!  (Thanks, Ravelry!  This is EXACTLY why you rule – so when you fuck up, you can go and find someone else who fucked up the same way.  Except this other person DID do it on purpose, therefore it’s not a mistake, it’s a design feature.)  

Either that, or I’m cursed. Stupid sweater.


4 Responses to “Cursed”

  1. ms. pixie riot Says:

    I think that cables running up the hood would look better, anyway.

    Are you and the Stariel-socks coming to Block 1912 tonight? I’d like to see them and finally meet you!

  2. lilknitter Says:

    Hey, think of it as your intuition, nay, your *inherent genius* that caused you to continue the cable up the hood, knowing deep in your subconcious that it would prove not only acceptable, but ideal for the project.

    Pat yourself on the back!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    LOL – don’t you hate it when a project bites you in the ass like that? Happens to me all the time. The cables on the hood, I like that idea!!

  4. Kate Says:

    I, too am working on this, and I just got almost halfway up the hood before realizing that I should have stopped the central cable! I did a websearch and found you. Want to know – are you feeling happy with it like that? I think I will keep it, cause I initially thought about modifying it like this anyway.
    Just curious, did you like it?

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