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Caught up

July 9, 2007

I had the whole weekend off (woohoo!), which meant I had time to go to the huge yarn sale on Saturday (I left the house at 7:30am.  I don’t even get up that early for work!), where I scored a ton of yarn at 40% off.  Totally worth getting up for.  I’ll take some photos of some of my haul for a future entry.  Jamie and I then went to go put a deposit down on our new car!  Whee!  It looks approximately like this:


and it is going to be very shiny. It needs a name, though! Any suggestions? My front-runner right now is Sully, short for Sullivan, even though that was originally my plan when we were going to get a blue car, because Sully from Monsters Inc. is blue. But it’s a good name, and he’s kind of a silvery blue, right? Rosie, my current car, was named after a Pixar character, so I kind of like the idea of continuing that theme, but I am open to other possibilities. (I like the name Errol too, and Errol the owl in Harry Potter is grey, so it fits, but Errol the owl is a bit wussy, so I’m not sure if I want to encourage that kind of sentiment in my car!) Anyway, suggestions welcome. If I use your name, maybe I’ll send you some yarn! (Maybe.)

The rest of my Saturday was taken up with watching many episodes of Angel with Erin and finishing all the transcribing that I had to do, which greatly improved the rest of my weekend, since that’s been hanging over my head for ages. Once I finished that, I could spend most of the rest of the weekend doing this:


Pardon the crap-ass blocking job – I just stuck in a few pins to give you the general idea. This is the end of Clue 1. I finished it earlier today, although I got up to row 98 last night and was too sleepy to do the last row. I had to tink row 97 twice, so I didn’t really want to risk another row when I hadn’t put in a lifeline since row 70. (I put one in at the end of the clue, don’t worry.)


I love the colour of the yarn, and the Zephyr is gorgeous to knit with.  Karen lent me two seasons of Friends, which is excellent lace knitting tv, because I’ve seen all the episodes and know when to look up for the funny parts. 

On to clue 2!


The Curse is Lifted. Possibly.

July 5, 2007

I am trying to overcome this paranoid feeling about this sweater. Sure, I had to rip it out far more times than is reasonable for what is actually a pretty basic sweater. Sure, by the time I finished the damn thing I was thinking very dark thoughts about it every time I picked it up. But that doesn’t mean the finished sweater is cursed, right? Right?

Fortunately, it’s ridiculously fucking hot right now, and there’s no way in hell I’ll be wearing this sweater any time soon, so I’m hoping that by the time it’s actually wool sweater weather I’ll be over my suspicious feelings towards the sweater. After all, it is quite a nice sweater. Despite my concerns about fit, it fits really well. (I kept reading that it ran small, so I was a little paranoid.) The sleeves are a bit excessively long – someone please remind me to stop lengthening my sleeves. Yes, I have long arms, but they are in proportion to the rest of me, so if I knit the right size I should be fine. All of my sweaters have too-long sleeves. I really ought to knock that off. But other than that, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, curse aside.

The photos aren’t really a good representation of the colour – I need to sit down and fiddle with the camera and try to get a photo that actually shows the colour. It’s a really bright, vivid, kelly green. Very spring-y. Good thing I finished it in the dead middle of summer. Go me!

The photo shoot for this was pretty brutal, even in the shade. Jamie was full of heat induced sloth and didn’t even get out of his lawn chair to take the photos. (The bastard was sitting in the yard reading Harry Potter and drinking lemonade when I got home from work. Have I mentioned that I HATE living with two teachers in the summer time? Lazy bastards. I am full of raging jealousy pretty much all the time.)

Anyway, here it is!


The sleeves rolled up look is probably a more accurate representation of how I will wear this sweater 90% of the time. I hardly ever leave long sleeved things down around my wrists, whether they are sweaters or shirts or whatever.



Oh, and the cables up the hood? It totally worked. Woohoo!


Raaaaah! It is finished! Finally!


Specs: The Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene, as seen on many blogs.
Yarn is Cascade 220 in a green colourway that I forget the number of. I had a cone of it (that I got in a swap – thanks, Trillian!), and I have no idea how much of I used, because I just wound off reasonably sized balls and used them quite randomly, so I have half-balls of leftovers all over the place and a chunk still left on the cone.
Needles: Size fives for the ribbing on the body, size sixes for the ribbing on the sleeves (don’t ask – part of the curse!), and size eights for the body itself. I mostly used my Denise needles, but I did some of the ribbing on my Addi Lace needles.
I knit the largest size and used one needle size larger than I needed to get gauge, since I’d read so much about the sweater running small. I’m happy with how it fits. The button band is a bit gapey, but that’s not due to fit, it’s just due to blocking, so I’m going to re-block the button band at some point. (Maybe.)

This is my fifth sweater of the year. I’m not quite keeping up with the sweater a month thing, but I’m not doing too badly! Certainly better than I was expecting. I am not knitting a sweater at the moment, although I reeeeeally need to get going on another baby sweater for a rather impending baby. I’m not convinced I’m going to make it to twelve, but I am knitting sweaters for myself, and that’s what I wanted.

Next up? General knitting-wise, the Mystery Stole is taking up most of my knitting time at the moment, with forays into Rachel’s neglected Cure socks when I can’t concentrate on my knitting enough to knit lace. (ie at all the parties I went to last weekend.) I do need to whip out another baby sweater, and start another blanket.

But my next sweater? Oh my god, I can’t wait for this one. I’m going to knit the Natalie Coat from Big Girl Knits in beautiful, beautiful Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton. (It’s cotton, not alpaca – the company is called Blue Sky Alpacas.) I have been wanting that yarn for soooo long, and when I saw it on sale I could no longer resist. I have it in the absolutely delicious Tomato colourway, and it is the nicest yarn ever. I can’t wait to knit this pattern – I love the pattern and the yarn, and I think the combination is going to be kick-ass.

Hopefully this one won’t be cursed.

The Gryffindor Sock Goes on a Bender

July 4, 2007

While most Gryffindor paraphenalia is stuck at school all day, going to lessons and arguing with Slytherins and defeating dark wizards and such, my Gryffindor socks have had an exciting existence.  They’ve been to Disneyland, they went on a very exciting band trip to Banff, they went to Cuba, and they’ve basically been living the exciting sock life.  In fact, a little too exciting.  In the last few days that we were in Cuba, the sock got a little too high on life. 

It started, innocently enough, with some wine with dinner. Not too unreasonable, right? They’re just coming right around to your table, offering up some wine.


Nobody was too concerned. And then it’s only natural when you’re spending a few hours in the lobby bar that the sock would want a little something. After all, those fruity drinks are very refreshing.


But pretty soon, the sock was downing the blender drinks. And we all know how the blender drinks work. You can never have just one.


And then the sock got a good look at the pool.


It decided it wanted to go for a little late night swim, and it completely ignored the no diving sign.


It was content, after that, to lounge by the pool for a while, enjoying the view.


But then it got a little too much into the spirit of things. And I suppose I should have seen it coming. After all, we were in Cuba. But it was still a shock to see this on the beach.


I guess I can’t blame it too much for this one. Those mojitos were ridiculously good. (Man, I could really go for one of those right now.)


Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to take into consideration that it was, you know, a sock, and therefore not exactly endowed with outstanding alcohol tolerance. And that was a lot of drinks in one evening for a not even finished sock.


Poor sock. A cold shower took the edge off.


And a hot bath brought back some of its good spirits.


The sock briefly toyed with a midnight foray into the ocean, but had limited bathing suit success, despite Chantal kindly lending it a bathing suit. (Actually, Chantal wasn’t home when the sock stole her bathing suit, but fortunately Chantal is a very tolerant friend and roommate who doesn’t even look at you funny when you tell her the sock stole her bathing suit.)


The next morning was looking pretty ugly. The sock woke up groggy and grouchy, and didn’t want to leave the room. It was a beautiful day, so I can see why the sock was a little hesitant to face the sunshine. So we let it rest for a while.


And then, promising that the light wasn’t THAT bright, took it outside.


It wouldn’t leave the little hut, though, and proceeded to sleep by the pool for most of the day.


Overall, I think the sock wasn’t so sorry to be going home. Cuba had taken its toll on poor Gryffindor. So it was happy to be heading home, although a little nervous about the effect the flight would have on its stomach.


After so many thrilling adventures, I was a little concerned that the Gryffindor sock would find life around Edmonton a little dull. (I was also concerned that I would find life around Edmonton a little dull, and I must admit, I do still miss Cuba.) I left the socks alone for a while, finishing up numerous baby items (one of which I TOTALLY forgot to take photos of, because I am a doofus), finishing my Central Park Hoodie (Yes, it is DONE, and photos are coming soon!), doing other such things.

But then I remembered that the Gryffindor Socks had a purpose. July was going to be THEIR month. A movie release and a book! Two more perfect occasions to wear these socks will never happen. So the socks had to be finished. After all, what else could I possibly wear with my “Trust Snape” shirt that’s in the mail right now? (It better get here in time for the movie. I am looking forward to arguing with people about it, because he is SO CLEARLY NOT A DEATH-EATER ARGH!) The socks had to be finished.

So this morning, I grafted the toes. And I pulled them on, and went into the yard for one last photo shoot with the travelling Gryffindor socks. (Note: July is not prime wool sock season. I suffer for this blog!) And here, in all their glory, are my Gryffindor Socks. Please ignore my pasty legs.





These are, of course, knit in Sunshine Yarns Gryffindor Stripe, made by the inimitable Dani. Knit on a size 1 Addi Lace needle, with 60 stitches around, a basic heel flap toe down sock. (I don’t use a pattern any more.) They fit like a glove, and they are my most favouritest socks ever.

Bring on the book, baby.