Caught up

I had the whole weekend off (woohoo!), which meant I had time to go to the huge yarn sale on Saturday (I left the house at 7:30am.  I don’t even get up that early for work!), where I scored a ton of yarn at 40% off.  Totally worth getting up for.  I’ll take some photos of some of my haul for a future entry.  Jamie and I then went to go put a deposit down on our new car!  Whee!  It looks approximately like this:


and it is going to be very shiny. It needs a name, though! Any suggestions? My front-runner right now is Sully, short for Sullivan, even though that was originally my plan when we were going to get a blue car, because Sully from Monsters Inc. is blue. But it’s a good name, and he’s kind of a silvery blue, right? Rosie, my current car, was named after a Pixar character, so I kind of like the idea of continuing that theme, but I am open to other possibilities. (I like the name Errol too, and Errol the owl in Harry Potter is grey, so it fits, but Errol the owl is a bit wussy, so I’m not sure if I want to encourage that kind of sentiment in my car!) Anyway, suggestions welcome. If I use your name, maybe I’ll send you some yarn! (Maybe.)

The rest of my Saturday was taken up with watching many episodes of Angel with Erin and finishing all the transcribing that I had to do, which greatly improved the rest of my weekend, since that’s been hanging over my head for ages. Once I finished that, I could spend most of the rest of the weekend doing this:


Pardon the crap-ass blocking job – I just stuck in a few pins to give you the general idea. This is the end of Clue 1. I finished it earlier today, although I got up to row 98 last night and was too sleepy to do the last row. I had to tink row 97 twice, so I didn’t really want to risk another row when I hadn’t put in a lifeline since row 70. (I put one in at the end of the clue, don’t worry.)


I love the colour of the yarn, and the Zephyr is gorgeous to knit with.  Karen lent me two seasons of Friends, which is excellent lace knitting tv, because I’ve seen all the episodes and know when to look up for the funny parts. 

On to clue 2!


8 Responses to “Caught up”

  1. Joline Says:

    Hurray for MS3! I still can’t believe how easy it was for you to talk T. and I into this escapade. I’m really loving, though, so thanks!

    And your first clue looks great! I am also using Zephyr for the first time and am currently looking for an excuse to use it again. Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll need your help this time.

  2. Maddie Says:

    Well, well, well. It seems to me that the blog rating is very off! I really don’t see how you could be rated NC-17! I am PG =) Anyways, love the lace you have going. I must be using some teeny needles in comparison to everyone else! I’m using Aurora 4 and it’s just coming out sooo much smaller than everyone else’s! What needle size are you using??

  3. andi Says:

    Ooh, is that a Mazda 3 I spy? Welcome to the club. I love mine.

  4. Batty Says:

    Congrats on your new car down payment!

    What size needles are you using with MS3? I’m still swatching/experimenting with needle size and bead colors. It’s so hard to make up my mind!

  5. Joline Says:

    Hey SarahJanet!

    It looks like I’ll be flying in to Vancouver on the 4th of August and probably coming home on the 9th. Does that work for a yarn crawl?

  6. Poppins Says:

    How’s “Dash”? He’s my son’s favourite character. My son is convinced that, when barefoot, he can run as fast as a Cheetah, so it makes sense that he feels a kinship.

    I was in the Cow shop in Banff the other week and thought of you. I got a “Cowy Potter” sticker and a “Pirates of the Cowibean” postcard.

  7. facts Says:

    You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

  8. Paige Says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog – I love it. Your Gryffindor sock had too much fun. I think it needs to be chaperoned a little bit better next time!

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