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June 16, 2007

19 days since my last update.  Eeesh.  (That sounds like confession, doesn’t it?  It’s been nineteen days since my last blog post, Father.)  I don’t even have a spiffy exciting reason for not updating, like being in Cuba.  I’ve just been stupidly busy with not terribly exciting things.  (And yes, Amanda, I will still write the second episode of the sock’s adventures in Cuba.  Stay tuned!)  Also, there are baby pictures in this entry if you get past the rambling.

Fortunately, a little bit of the busy has been babies!  I like being busy with babies.  For all my grumbling about all the babies I have to knit for, once they’re actually here and being all cute with their knitting I don’t seem to mind as much.  Because I really, really like babies.  I am not quite at the wanting one of my own yet (mostly because babies cost a lot of damn money that I want to spend on yarn), but I do really like babies that I can sort of rent for the day.  I think I have a bit of a baby obsessed reputation, actually.  Is it so wrong that I like babies?  Babies like me!  I don’t freak out about babies!  I think a person who likes babies a lot and can handle them when they’re freaking out but doesn’t have their own baby is a pretty useful person to have around, personally. 

 Anyway.  There has been a rush of babies in the last little while, and two have been born in the last week.  I conveniently had several days off this week, so I went on a baby spree.  Monday, I went to visit Raven and her kids, of whom there are now three.  (What is with all you crazy people and your three kids?  How am I old enough to have friends with three kids?  It still kind of freaks me out that some of you have one of them!) Trian, her oldest, is one of those poor kids who came along before I started knitting for all the babies. Carter, the second oldest, is one of those poor kids who came along before I was a very good knitter. As a result he has an enormous non-baby sized baby blanket that I knit two years ago. (The reason it was so enormous, and I don’t know if I told Raven this, was that I knit it while I was going to really, really annoying Basic Christian Faith classes every Sunday night for hours and hours. We had to watch a really irritating DVD and then have a discussion, and I discovered early on that if I knit through the entire thing, I was less likely to freak out and yell at them. Plus, as a bonus, it made them think I was all nice and domesticated and shit. Anyway, because it was such a freaking long class and I knit for several hours straight each week, it ended up being a huge blanket. I promise I thought nice thoughts about the baby while I was knitting it, and not just irritated thoughts about the stupid classes. Which I had to take to get married in Jamie’s church, but which I believe his church is not recommending any more based on our experience with how lame it was.)

ANYway. Raven conveniently had a third child so I could actually knit her a properly sized baby blanket. She is also a great appreciater of knitted items, so there’s a lot of satisfaction in knitting for her kids.

Plus, look how damn cute this is. (I didn’t even take photos of the blanket without the baby on them. I know what you people really want to see.)

Baby on a pinwheel

The great thing about the pinwheel blanket (for lo, it is that), is that it’s great for plopping the baby down on the floor without taking up a ton of room. Perfect for tummy time. The even greater thing about the pinwheel baby blanket?

Baby Burrito!

It makes an awesome baby burrito. (I understand if you can’t read any further due to being dead from cute. Who can resist the baby burrito?)

Tayana, for that is her name, is a delightful baby who sat contentedly with me for hours, and snoozed on and off while I shifted her around. (I am too wimpy to hold a baby in one position for too long, although I favour the knees-up baby recliner position.) She is not a small baby – Raven said she could tell who never sees newborn babies (“She’s so TINY!”) and who does (“Holy crap, she’s huge!”) among her visitors. (I was in the latter camp.) She was 9 pounds 11 ounces at birth, and she has a very delightful and adorable double chin that I was enjoying a great deal.

The great thing about third kids, I’ve discovered, is how relaxed their parents are, so Raven happily flung the baby around for the best photos of the blanket. (She was also quite taken with the baby burrito.) She also took the photos for me, since I’m an idiot who forgot her camera, and sent them to me immediately so I could blog her child. Ah, 21st century parenting.

Baby Burrito on Me!

This blanket was actually the first of the two that I knit, and I’d sort of intended it for Chris. However, once I added the ruffle (which was a total pain in the ass, and I’m never doing that again – it was 1000 stitches to a round. Ugh! Looks cute, though.), I thought it might be a little girly, and at that point neither mother knew what they were having. Luckily, Raven couldn’t stand the suspense any more and found out the gender a few weeks before Chris was due, and was conveniently having a girl. So I decided I would assign her this blanket (after two boys, I’m sure she’s enjoying having ruffly things), and knit a new one for Chris. So Chris’s blanket, seen a few entries ago, was knit in a mad rush while this one lingered around the house for over a month before it went to its new owner. However, given that Chris conveniently had a boy, it all worked out rather well.

 The baby shower for the third baby of the last month is next weekend, so you’ll have to wait a bit for that FO.  (I also ordered that baby the most genius present ever, and I’m so impressed with myself that I’m having a really hard time waiting for it to arrive.  Seriously, it is the perfect thing for that baby.)  Then I have a few more sweaters to whip up for two more summer babies, but I actually have a blanket lull until October, when the owner of this blanket:

Baby blanket

gets a sibling. (A second one, actually, since he already has an older sister. Another third child, another family where the poor neglected older one didn’t get bupkus. I am sensing a trend.)  I think this kid is getting another pinwheel. 

 Luckily, I haven’t heard about any new pregnancies for at least three months, so I should get a bit of a break after that.  Which is just as well, given the state of my to-knit list. 

 I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things here.  I’ll post the next Cultural Tour of the Gryffindor Sock in Cuba some time soon, which features many amusing pictures that prove that my friends are very, very tolerant of my weirdness.  Then there will be another baby photo shoot, I hope, and then I might actually show you a few things that I’m actually working on.  I know!  What a concept.  (That requires me to work on something than the freaking fronts to the Central Park Hoodie, though, which I’ve had to rip out at least three times.  Ugh.)  Stay tuned!


Baby? Baby!

May 17, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you…

Pinwheel Baby Blanket Number One!


(Yes, I said number one. Stay tuned!)

Now, those of you who have been paying attention will realise that this means the baby belonging to this blanket has made his or her debut, since I’ve been holding back the photos until the babies receive their presents. (Snoopy mothers are reading here, you know.)


This is Jacob. He was born on Tuesday, at 10:34AM. He belongs to my friend Chris, and he has two big sisters who have made frequent appearances on this blog. (Julia, her oldest, was frequently seen on my diaryland diary.) I went to visit him today.


Babies give me bad posture. He was sitting on my leg propped up with my arm, which is a pose that doesn’t lend itself to flattering photos, but I figure you’re all looking at the baby anyway. So was I, really.


(Sorry about the photo quality on these next few – I was trying not to bug him with the flash.)


Julia, who is now nearly five (good lord), was one of the first people I knit for. Second, I believe, only to Jamie. I knit her a scarf when she was very small. A matching hat followed the next winter.

Jan31-Stripey Hat 001

Elena, who is nearly three, was the recipient of my first every baby blanket. It was enormous and not at all baby sized, and made out of boucle yarn. (Bleah.) It took me ages to knit, but I finished it in time to take it to the hospital.


(That is not a very good shot of the blanket, because it’s all folded up since it’s fifteen times the size of miniElena.)

It’s kind of cool to see how my knitting has improved over the years, although I do feel a little bad for Julia since she didn’t get a blanket. (She was spoiled rotten, though, since she was the first baby in my group of friends, so I don’t think she suffered or anything.) Jacob is the third of six babies that are showing up this year in my general circle of people, and his timing was impeccable. Since we’re leaving for Cuba tomorrow, we were expecting to miss him entirely – his due date wasn’t actually until next week. We were all hoping we wouldn’t miss him entirely, but there was a good chance he would have been born and gone back home to Ft. Mac by the time we got back, so it was very obliging of him to make his appearance now.


May it keep you covered in good health, Jacob! You are very cute. Please come visit frequently.

 (Oh, I almost forgot to give you the knitting details.  Whoops.  Pinwheel baby blanket, as seen all over the internet, knit in KnitPicks Swish Superwash.  Six balls, in Aloe, Jade, and Sunshine.  Seed stitch border, which you can’t really see in any of these pictures.  Knit on size 7 KP needles.  Took me about a week and a half – I knit nothing else for over a week straight because I changed my mind about who was getting which blanket.)

Oh, baby!

February 26, 2007

First and foremost, thank you for your kind comments and emails about my friend’s baby. I am happy to report he is doing very well and is now at home. He is also possibly the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. Definitely the cutest newborn. He is so, so cute. It’s just ridiculous. Once he puts on that outfit Mum made, we’re all going to die of the cute.

Speaking of which, thank you also for the kind comments on her outfit. She was quite impressed and I think briefly liked the idea of having a knitting blog before deciding she’d have nothing to say. (I think she finds knitting blogs a little weird.) Still, maybe when she retires I can convince her. Until then, I’ll just feature her outfits here.

Anyway, after her spectacular outfit I feel like my present for the baby was a bit lame, but at least my photos have one up on hers – they have the baby in them! Now, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This baby is seriously, seriously cute. Here, I’ll show you the blanket by itself first, because once the baby’s there you won’t be looking at it anyway.



Log Cabin, using Trillian’s pick up reducing technique. Knit in Knit Picks Crayon on size six needles (uh, I think), using three full balls of each colour plus about a quarter of a second ball of each. Not much yarn at all – I now have a ton of leftovers. But that’s fine, because this is great baby yarn.

As previously mentioned, this blanket was knit in the colours of the Zimbabwean flag. My friends were very impressed with this and both of them (the parents, I mean – the baby didn’t really care) really liked the blanket.

Are you ready for this? You’ve been warned. The only problem with these photos is that he’s wearing a hat, so you can’t see his insanely adorable curly hair. I swear, it is like a little fluffy kitten, it’s so soft. SO CUTE. (I don’t have any pictures of him awake, because the whole time he was awake while I was there I was holding him, and I wasn’t going to waste precious baby snuggling time to take photos.)



As you can see by his little hand in that second picture (if you haven’t died from the cute), it’s open and about to grab the blanket. By the time I left, his little hand was clutching onto his blankie while he slept. I’m telling you, cutest baby ever.

And no, I’m not having any of my own any time soon. But when he fell asleep in my arms and was making little snurfling noises? There was a brief temptation. But then I remembered that I wouldn’t have any time to knit if I had a baby and came to my senses.

Still, the snurfling was pretty cute.


February 15, 2007

Uh. Next week? Not so much. Baby was born yesterday (boy!), and had a not great birth and is now in the NICU. They won’t know much until next week, once things have settled down a bit and they can assess any damage.

So now I will be knitting the blanket like a maniac in the hopes I can get it done in the next few days. Any suggestions for what parents of a baby in a NICU need are most welcome. This is a baby who needs a cozy blankie!

Gah. It’s moments like this when I realise that I’m an adult whether I like it or not.