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The universe is trying to tell me something.

February 4, 2007


I had a two hour nap earlier today (Jamie was napping, and I am weak in the face of other nappers), so despite our late night last night, our busy day of brunch, yarn stores (ok, just one), napping, dinner, and the opera, I’m quite wide awake at 3am. (Not that this is particularly abnormal behaviour for me. It’s far more strange that Jamie was up until 2.)

After getting home from the opera shortly after 11, I have spent the rest of the evening knitting and listening to the new Barenaked Ladies album in anticipation of the concert on Wednesday. The album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me (or BLAM, if you prefer) is not all that new, but I haven’t listened to it much despite downloading it (legally!) on the day it came out. As a result, Rogue is now finished Chart A and is about to divide for the front and back! It’s thrilling!

So thrilling, in fact, that I actually transferred it onto a second needle (only about 15 stitches need to move to make it not fall off its needle), tried it on, and took pictures.

When I plugged my flash card reader into my laptop, my laptop crashed. I got it rebooted (grumbling all the while), tried to upload the photos, and my flickr uploader crashed. Went to the flickr website. Flickr is down.

I can take a hint. I’m going to bed. Rogue photos will be posted tomorrow.

The opera was pretty good, by the way, but a little long. I don’t have patience for much of anything after two and a half hours. Plus the leg room at the Jube is terrible, and their bathrooms are ridiculously small. Overall, though, an enjoyable experience. Plus it was fun to play stereotype with all the rich people. I think I saw more fur coats tonight than I have in my entire life up to this point.

(Incidentally, I’m coming up on a milestone post. Stay tuned for a contest of some sort!)