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January 16, 2007

The last time I got my haircut was May of 2005. I hate getting haircuts for several reasons. Firstly, I’m cheap. I’d rather spend haircut money on yarn. Secondly, my hairdresser moved to Toronto, and he was awesome. I am still mad that he moved. Thirdly, I am incredibly lazy about my hair, and most of the time it’s easier to just leave it long.

But it reached that critical tipping point where it was getting stupidly tangled, so I decided I needed a haircut. I also wrote a really good haircut into my novel in November and it made me want to cut my hair. (Yes, I know I’m weird.)

Anyway, my sister has been harassing the hell out of me for photos (I think I liked it better when she pretended she didn’t read my blog – now she’s even commenting on it, for god’s sake!), so here they are. Apparently this is blog on demand now.

Before photos, taken when Jamie was already asleep in my rather grubby bathroom mirror. Apparently I have found the thing I won’t wake him up for. Trying on a sock at 2am? No problem. Taking “before” photos of my hair? No. Huh. Good to know. (Although I suppose it’s a factor that I could take the photos myself, even if they are crappy. You get the idea about my hair, right?)

Hair Before Front

The front. Note the general untidiness. It’s not that I had bad hair – my hair is, fortunately, quite nice without any effort on my part. It was just kind of boring.

Hair Before Back

The back. Note very random and uneven wave. This is the general state of affairs – my hair has quite a nice wave, but a very random one. Also, admire our nerdy shower curtain with words all over it.

After! Note the super nerdy Star Wars poster in the background. This was taken in the computer room, which is a very nerdy room. I am standing in front of the yarn stash bins.

Hair After Front

It’s a terrible picture of me, but my hair looks good.

Here’s the back. Note the lovely spirally waves!

Hair After Back

My hairdresser (she also did my hair for my wedding, so she wasn’t totally random) was great – this took less than an hour including washing and drying. She also grasped my requirements very quickly and definitely accomplished all of them. (Low maintenance, not poofy, must go in a ponytail, better defined waves.) Thumbs up to my new haircut!