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Oh, baby!

February 26, 2007

First and foremost, thank you for your kind comments and emails about my friend’s baby. I am happy to report he is doing very well and is now at home. He is also possibly the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. Definitely the cutest newborn. He is so, so cute. It’s just ridiculous. Once he puts on that outfit Mum made, we’re all going to die of the cute.

Speaking of which, thank you also for the kind comments on her outfit. She was quite impressed and I think briefly liked the idea of having a knitting blog before deciding she’d have nothing to say. (I think she finds knitting blogs a little weird.) Still, maybe when she retires I can convince her. Until then, I’ll just feature her outfits here.

Anyway, after her spectacular outfit I feel like my present for the baby was a bit lame, but at least my photos have one up on hers – they have the baby in them! Now, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This baby is seriously, seriously cute. Here, I’ll show you the blanket by itself first, because once the baby’s there you won’t be looking at it anyway.



Log Cabin, using Trillian’s pick up reducing technique. Knit in Knit Picks Crayon on size six needles (uh, I think), using three full balls of each colour plus about a quarter of a second ball of each. Not much yarn at all – I now have a ton of leftovers. But that’s fine, because this is great baby yarn.

As previously mentioned, this blanket was knit in the colours of the Zimbabwean flag. My friends were very impressed with this and both of them (the parents, I mean – the baby didn’t really care) really liked the blanket.

Are you ready for this? You’ve been warned. The only problem with these photos is that he’s wearing a hat, so you can’t see his insanely adorable curly hair. I swear, it is like a little fluffy kitten, it’s so soft. SO CUTE. (I don’t have any pictures of him awake, because the whole time he was awake while I was there I was holding him, and I wasn’t going to waste precious baby snuggling time to take photos.)



As you can see by his little hand in that second picture (if you haven’t died from the cute), it’s open and about to grab the blanket. By the time I left, his little hand was clutching onto his blankie while he slept. I’m telling you, cutest baby ever.

And no, I’m not having any of my own any time soon. But when he fell asleep in my arms and was making little snurfling noises? There was a brief temptation. But then I remembered that I wouldn’t have any time to knit if I had a baby and came to my senses.

Still, the snurfling was pretty cute.



February 15, 2007

Ok, folks, here it is! (Sorry for the delay, I’ve been sick.) The winner of the contest, and my 100th blog entry! Since there are conveniently six entries to choose from, I’m using this handy dice roller online to generate my winner. In order to reduce any claims of favouritism, I’m rolling the dice before looking back to see who is which number. My arbitrary contest is nothing if not fair!

And the winner is…two! (I have to say, pressing a button is less exciting than rolling an actual dice.) And comment number two was…You talk to your Rogue!

Which means our lucky winner is Sue, from The Potato Patch. (Great blog name, by the way. I have a fondness for the word “Spud,” as it’s Jana’s car’s name, which we named on a road trip to Vancouver in 2001. I told you I name everything!) Incidentally, Sue likes Barenaked Ladies, Anne of Green Gables, Star Trek, and The Princess Bride. Clearly we are kindred spirits!

Thank you all for your entries – I really enjoyed reading them, and discovering new blogs in the process! (I should admit here that I am really, really bad at commenting on blogs, because I generally use Bloglines. I am attempting to improve on this because I like getting comments, so it seems only fair to reciprocate.)

As previously mentioned, I’ve been sick this week, and it sucks. I didn’t leave the house from Saturday evening until yesterday (Wednesday) morning, when I went to work. However, my week is definitely improving – I came home yesterday to flowers, dinner, and a spotless kitchen. (I bought Jamie a World of Warcraft strategy book. How’s that for romance?) It’s a long weekend this weekend. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!My long weekend plans currently consist of knitting like a maniac. I was talking to my mum yesterday, and in doing so, realised that the baby blanket that I’ve been knitting on so nonchalantly is actually for a baby due next week. Ack! Add to that the sock pal deadline of the end of the month, and suddenly the pressure’s on. Those are the only two impending deadlines and then I’ve got some breathing room, so I’m hoping for a knitting marathon this weekend to get some things wrapped up. The baby blanket is up to about two feet by two feet, and I’m hoping for about three feet or so, so I’m making solid progress. It’s looking quite snazzy so far! Photos coming soon. (Sorry for the lack of photos today.)

One sock pal sock is finished, and the other one is trucking through the leg. I’m hoping to finish up the leg in the next few days, and hit the foot this weekend. I’d like to have them in the mail next Friday, and even then I’ll be pushing the deadline. (Sorry, snowdrop!)

I’ll be fine. Don’t panic. It’ll all get done. I still have Return of the King to watch this weekend, and all its extras – that’s a lot of knitting time!

And here’s to another 100 entries! Thanks for reading, everyone. Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity thanks you! (And, incidentally, someone mentioned loving the animals up in my header. I love them too! Aren’t they adorable? It’s actually a reversible stuffy that flips one way to be a monkey and another to be a hippo. Awesome!)

Emergency FO

January 26, 2007

So my friend Karen is, as those who know her are all too aware, kind of prone to medical bad luck. (It’s apparently contagious, as her husband is having a rough go of things too.) She always get the weird things, has the weird injuries, goes for the obscure over the usual. Last week, she had the misfortune to break her wrist. (This isn’t particularly weird, just bad luck.) She managed to fracture the bone that takes the longest to heal, so she’s stuck in a cast for a while. Unfortunately, Karen is also always freezing, so the fact that none of her mittens fit was a cause for concern.

So she’s lucky she knows me, isn’t she?

She called me last week and asked if I could make a mitten that would go over her cast. I looked at the cast (photos of it are on her blog up there), and since her thumb is cast part way up and therefore immobile, I figured there was no point in giving it a separate thumb. Since the cast covers the rest of her arm, it didn’t need to be terrible long, so in the end, what I came up with is essentially an oversized baby mitten. So now Karen will have warm fingers and also won’t be able to scratch her face with her super long baby fingernails! So that’s a relief.

We went to Calgary last weekend and my friends very tolerantly came to the yarn store with me. (Yay! That’s a sign of good friends, when they’ll go to the yarn store with you even if they don’t knit. Jana is just starting to knit but she’s not at the point yet where she gets enthused about yarn store field trips. Give me time!) While we were there, I spotted two baskets of Cascade Fixation, which I immediately realised was perfect. First of all, it’s not wool, which Karen is allergic to. (Of course she is.) Secondly, the stretchiness would be great for a cast mitten because we need it to go over the large and inflexible cast but then stay on. So I figured it was perfect.

I sent Karen over to pick out a colour. After rummaging around for a while, she came up with the exact same colourway that I used for her socks. (Broadripples. I am quite impressed that my eye for her taste is so precise!) Conveniently, I had some leftover from them so I didn’t need to buy any more. I also bought some DPNs, which I rarely knit with but kind of like for mittens. They’re Crystal Palace Bamboo and they are REALLY freaking nice.

Here it is! I finished it earlier this evening while watching Veronica Mars with Jamie. (Incidentally, it’s a good thing that show is so good, because it’s the only thing that gets Jamie away from World of Warcraft.)

Cast Mitten 1

I tried it on, but it looks ridiculous and kind of phallic on me. (My hand is in a fist.)

Cast Mitten 3

I’m hoping that it’ll work. This is 11 inches around and Karen’s cast is 13 inches, so that seems like a good amount of ease for it to stay on fairly snugly. It’s quite grippy yarn, and the cast is quite grippy too, so I’m optimistic. I’ll hopefully get a picture when I try it on her. It also needs a good name. Castitten? Castmitt? Brokitten? FractureMitt? Splintten? I don’t know. I’m open to ideas. (It’s too bad nobody would ever need one for more than a few months, because it’s an idea that I think could do quite well up here. It sucks to be mittenless in the mornings when it’s cold and the sun isn’t up yet.)

My other WIPs were slightly neglected so I could finish this quickly, since it’s a time sensitive project. (If I’m going to go to the trouble to knit it, I want maximum usage out of it, since it’ll become essentially useless once the cast comes off unless someone has a very small and oval shaped head.) However, I’m making some good headway on Rogue

Rogue side cable January 25

which I continue to love a ridiculous amount. I attached the kangaroo pocket today

Rogue Kangaroo Pocket January 25

so now that isn’t flapping around bugging me. The whole thing is getting pretty long!

Rogue Full View January 25

(For the three of you knitters out there who haven’t knit Rogue, it’s got a turned hem at the bottom, so that ribbing doesn’t actually count towards the length. It is, however, a very nice turned hem if I do say so myself.)

I put the Log Cabin onto two needles yesterday so I could see how the size is coming. It’s getting there, but I’ve got a loooong way to go. I’m not sure what the best strategy for this is going to be. We’ll see how it goes. I figure I’m about a quarter of the way to where I’d like it to be.

Log Cabin January 24

And here’s my sock pal’s sock, all snuggled up with his friend Rogue! Aw. Isn’t that sweet? Clearly they’ve resolved their differences. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if I came out tomorrow morning to find a pile of frogged yarn and a Rogue trying to look innocent. Maybe one of them better sleep in the knitting basket.

Sock Pal January 25

It’s going slowly but surely and looks great. I estimate needing another six stripes before I split for the heel flap.

Busy busy! It’s a good thing I had a good knitting day, because although most of my day was actually kind of pleasant, I had an embarrassing and painful incident earlier. Erin and I were at the mall after our delightful evening of wedding dress shopping (it’s fun going with someone who’s the sample size, because she can try anything!) and having dinner, and I fell off my shoe.

Yeah. You read that right. Fell off my shoe. You see, I wear clogs, because they have excellent support and make my ankle not hurt (in fact, after two years in clogs almost exclusively, I no longer have pain in my Achilles Tendon! This is a major life improvement). Unfortunately, the nature of clogs is that they’re highly inflexible and quite tall. So this evening, I lost my balance and my ankle turned in my shoe. This is not the first time it’s happened – I quite often sort of tip over off my shoe. (This makes me sound like the least coordinated person ever. Which I’m not, I swear.) But today was the first time that this caused me to totally bite it.

I pretty much collapsed on the mall floor, which caused some alarm to Erin (who didn’t see what happened until I was inexplicably on the floor) and the nice person in the store we were walking past. It took me a minute to collect myself – my leg essentially buckled under me and my other leg crashed into my foot and the very hard shoe while I hit the ground with my leg and elbow, which was a barrel of laughs – but nothing was broken and I picked myself up. Erin very nicely didn’t laugh at me at all and was quite concerned. I was mostly feeling kind of dumb.

But now my stupid leg REALLY hurts. The leg that didn’t collapse is actually the one that’s really hurting – I think it hit the floor first. I’ve been icing it and stuff, but it hurts like hell. And now the ankle that turned itself is really starting to throb, so both legs are sore and stiff, and I’m going to be hobbling around having to explain that I fell off my shoe.

Great. Quick, somebody invent me a good story for what I did.

WIPs on Parade

January 19, 2007

I totally got out of the habit of taking pictures of works in progress during the Christmas Knitting Mania, because I knew I wouldn’t be posting them until they were finished. However, given the nature of the current WIPs, it will be a long drought without pictures if I keep forgetting to do photo shoots. (Do you like how I say that like before the Christmas knitting I took WIP photos all the time? I just flipped through my archives and the only WIP photos are of the sock’s cultural tour. Geez, I suck.)

Fortunately, I remembered this evening, and whipped out my new blanket, perfect for photo shoots. As I mentioned, I seem to be burgundy obsessed at the moment, so the nice light blue blanket that my in-laws bought us for Christmas will be excellent for photos of projects. I finally got around to putting the really good lamp next to my knitting chair (there is space thanks to the tidying now), so I hve reasonable light. I know you should take knitting photos in natural light, but we get very little light in our house (which has its advantages and disadvantages), and it’s cold and snowy out, and I don’t want to dump my knitting in the snow. So this will have to do. It’s a pretty bright light, so it will do the job for now. Better solutions will be pursued.

After my surprisingly successful monogamy around Christmas, I’ve gone back to my usual slutty knitting. It’s nice having so many things, actually – I have something different for every mood.

First up is the beginning of my beautiful, beautiful Mountain Peaks Shawl, pattern here. This pattern is fantastic. The only lace I’ve done is Branching Out and Pomatomus, yet I am following the charts with almost no trouble. (of course, I’m only on chart one!) Even better, when I was reading over the pattern in advance (!), I was confused about one thing emailed Miriam, and got a fast and helpful reply. Awesome! Two thumbs up for this pattern so far. We’ll see how I do when I get to the short rows.

This is the silk that Beth bought me for Christmas. It is very subtly variegated, which just makes the lace look like the sun is shining on it. Glorious! It is so shimmery.

Mountain Peaks 1

Mountain Peaks 2

It’s more burgundy and pink than it looks in those pictures – a great colour for me. I’m hoping it will go with the dress I’ll have for Erin’s wedding.

That’s right! Erin is getting married! Ashley proposed on her birthday (January 3rd), and they’re getting married next summer. (For those of you who don’t pay much attention to these things, Erin was my roommate before I got married, and she was the greatest roommate ever. We had a blast. Imagine my delight when she moved into the basement suite in our house last year! So now she’s my downstairs neighbour, and she was also a bridesmaid in my wedding.) Not only that, but she asked me to be her maid of honour! Whee! She’s leaning towards burgundy for dresses, so I’m hoping I can wear this. (Because let’s be honest here, my lifestyle does not really offer up too many opportunities to wear silk shawls.)

As previously mentioned, I have, after wanting it for well over a year, picked up Rogue. Flush with my success on Samus, I decided I was up to the task, and once I printed off the (awesome and well written) pattern, I felt pretty confident about it.

Here’s its progress so far.

Rogue Full View 2

It’s in Bartlett 2-ply yarn, which is very sheepy and full of lanolin, which means my hands are way less dry than usual. (This is clearly an excellent winter knit for Edmonton.) It’s a bit scratchy, but when I washed my swatch (!) in wool wash, it got very cozy, so I think it’ll be perfect. It’s exactly the oatmeal-y colour I wanted.

I finished the kangaroo pocket at Stitch n Bitch the other night, which looks great. (It’s a little wonky in the photo because the needles are in behind it.

Rogue Kangaroo Pocket

I was a bit nervous about the closed cables (it says ADVANCED cable skils on the pattern, and I hate to presume about my own skills), but so far so good.

Rogue Side Cable 1

I am loving knitting this. The pattern is SO good, and it’s a great mix of mindless and attention requiring. Two thumbs up! My knitting is very satisfying at the moment, can you tell?

My log cabin baby blanket is also coming along well. I’m using Trillian’s technique to avoid some of the picking up, so it’s scrunched up in this photo because it’s all on one big circular. (I love interchangeables.) The colours are also so bright that they really don’t photograph well.

Log Cabin

I really like how the Crayon is looking in the log cabin style, and it’s so nice and soft without being too heavy. Excellent for babies – I will definitely be ordering more of this.

Log Cabin Closeup

And, finally, my thrum mittens. It’s been a bit neglected this week (so many projects to choose from means some get neglected), but one is done and the other is in progress. This is a Fleece Artist Thrum Kit. Highly recommended – it’s SO soft.


Finished Thrum Mitten

And inside!


My mother was so impressed with this that she actually sort of hinted that she’d like a pair! That’s totally unheard of for her. By the time I’d get a chance it’ll be spring (curse you, spring babies!) but I’ll hopefully be able to make her a pair for her birthday in November. (Somebody remind me in September when the babies have settled down a bit, ok? And nobody get pregnant for the next few months so I can have a lull.) She’d never heard of thrums before but apparently her hands get really cold, so it seems like the least I can do.

I have a few other things in the immediate queue – I promised a few things to people, and since poor Karen broke her hand she made a very pitiful request for a mitten that will go over her cast, which seems like a manageable project that will drastically improve her life until the cast comes off, especially once it gets colder. I’ll have to figure out the best way to do it once I see the shape of the cast tomorrow. We’re going to Calgary tomorrow (woohoo!), so we’ll hit the yarn stores and find some nice non-wool yarn to make her some broken hand mittens.

Isn’t that selfless of me? Going to the yarn store to buy yarn for my poor broken-handed friend? I know. I am a giver. Mmm, Calgary yarn stores.

Now the question is, what knitting to pack? Hmm. Decisions decisions. Unfortunately, due to broken hand I’m driving, so I won’t be able to knit with my snazzy new headlamp. Poo. Still, I’m sure there will be knitting time. Maybe I’d better just pack everything.