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Rogue in the Wild

March 24, 2007

Rogue is done.

Conveniently, I finished it the same day we bought a new camera! So we had a photo shoot out in the yard today. It was a rather high speed photo shoot since I finished the sweater about 5 minutes before we had to leave to have dinner with Jamie’s family, but it definitely got the job done. Unfortunately this is a crappy time of year for outdoor photo shoots. It’s muddy everywhere, especially in our alley, I was standing in a puddle, and the snow is all gross and brown. Oh well. The sweater’s nice! (Ignore our kind of decrepit fence, too.)


I clearly need work on my “posing for pictures of knitted items without looking like a dork” skills.


I love the hood.


See above re: looking like a dork. And this is apparently not a good nose angle. I swear I actually have quite a small nose.




It is DONE! Hooray! I wore it to dinner tonight (with no coat! Hooray!) and got many compliments on it. As you can see from the photos, the fit is really good. The cables look awesome in this yarn. And it’s all mine! This is officially the first sweater I have made for myself.

Here’s the knitty gritty:

Pattern: Rogue. Possibly the most photographed pattern on the internet, and with good reason. This pattern is excellent. It is easy to follow, well written, and thorough. Two thumbs up! I knit it in the 48″ size.

Yarn: Bartlett Fisherman’s Two-Ply in Light Sheepy Grey. This yarn was great to work with. It’s still very sheepy, so it smells nice and wooly. There was occasional bits of straw or whatever in the yarn, and it changed consistency a lot when I washed it. (And the water was quite nasty afterwards!) But it holds its stitches like a hot damn. If you want to learn how to cable without a cable needle (which is the only way I cable any more), this would be a great yarn to learn on. It takes some serious convincing for it to unravel. Great for cables. Very woolly, though. If you want soft, this isn’t for you. But it’s definitely going to be well used in the long Edmonton winters. I ordered ten skeins of this yarn from KPixie, but I only used seven of them. (I have no idea what to do with the other three.)

Needles: The hem facing was knit on size 3 KP Options, and the body on size 5 Denises.

Modifications: I added an extra repeat of rows 33-38 in Chart A to add a bit of length. I’m 5’10”, and I like my sweaters reasonably long. It’s a really good length, although I wish the pocket was about an inch higher. Other than that, I pretty much knit it as written, aside from a few minor mistakes here and there. This pattern doesn’t need modifying!

Start Date: January 10, 2007
Finish Date: March 24, 2007 (I knit a lot of other things in between.)

What I learned on this project: Closed cables were a new thing for me, and I really like them. This is also the first time I’ve used short rows, but it won’t be the last. I really, really like the fit of this sweater. Just the right amount of shaping. I also learned how to do three-needle bind-off, although I ripped it out in favour of grafting the hood. My seaming skills continue to improve, although they’re still my weakest link and my least liked element of sweaters.

This makes sweater number for the year. Woohoo!

Expect lots of photos in the next little while. I need to learn to use the new camera before we go to Disneyland (in 10 days! Yippee!) and it’s conveniently Flash your Stash next weekend. Plus my laptop has a built in drive for the SD card, so I can upload really easily. We got a Canon Powershot S3 IS, and it’s really nice. Much fancier than the old one!


Mmm, yarny.

March 22, 2007

Mmm, yarn. At my Stitch n Bitch last week, someone mentioned that the yarn store in one of the nearby suburbs was changing over to an online only store, and were having a closing sale. I’d only been there once before, but it was a nice enough store, although their pattern selection was ridiculously out of date. Still, a yarn sale is incentive enough for a 20 minute drive, and since I had a free Friday afternoon, I headed out to check things out.

It wasn’t actually quite as epic a sale as I’d hoped, but I still picked up a few things that I haven’t seen in many other stores around here, since everything was at least 10% off.

I picked up two bags of Mission Falls Wool, which I like for baby stuff. I got a nice turquoisey colour


And kind of a burgundy-ish red that was really hard to photograph well. It isn’t this pink, I swear.


(If you’re really interested, click through the pictures to my flickr account, where you can see closeups. Flickr is sucking tonight, though, so in the interests of posting EVER, I’m not going to put them here.)

I also picked up 7 skeins of Briggs and Little in a nice bright blue. I thought about using this yarn for my Rogue and then ended up with the Bartlett, but I might make a cardigan or something with this. Possibly a sweater for my mother-in-law. It was definitely a good deal!


But the really good yarn I got last week is this.


That’s Handmaiden Lady Godiva and it is absolutely glorious. Karen and Paul gave me a LYS gift certificate for my birthday (to which I say: woo!) and I decided that allowed me to justify the purchase of this kind of expensive but unbelieveably gorgeous yarn.


Oh, man, it is nice.


I have no idea what to make with it. I have two skeins. Suggestions welcome.

In other knitting news, Rogue is knit. It is not seamed, but it is knit. I am having a few logistical issues with the drying process, but soon! I’m hoping it’ll be dry by tomorrow so I can have photos for the Sweater a Month KAL update. Plus I want to wear it to Stitch n Bitch on Monday. Pictures to follow. Upon finishing it, I immediately began to work on Mountain Peaks, which is coming along really well. I finished the first repeat of chart one and have started in on the second. (Of three.) So far, so good! (Knock on wood.)

Batteries in the camera died, so hopefully more pictures will follow next post.

Sweater update

March 10, 2007

The weather here is absolutely insane right now. It is warm and sunny every day. People are wandering around in tshirts. I saw a guy in shorts the other day, but in typical Edmonton fashion, he was also wearing a toque. (Quite sensible, actually.) Considering it’s the ninth of March, it’s actually a bit alarming, but it is really, really hard to feel bad about global warming when you’re sitting on a patio on your coffee break knitting in your short sleeves.

The downside, of course, is the snow is melting like crazy. I swear there’s a puddle across from work that has tides and an ecosystem. There is a lot of splooshing. Jamie drove home with his window down the other day and actually got his hair wet.

Anyway, as I said, I spent my coffee break out on our balcony at work, which is gorgeous and a serious advantage to this branch. I have been knitting nothing but the baby sweater for the last two days, and as a result I’m finished the front and the back, the shoulders have been seamed, and the collar has been picked up and knit on. I changed the collar around a bit, because the pattern called for almost a mock turtleneck, and who wants to stuff a baby into a turtleneck? Nobody.


Unfortunately, Mr. Bear’s fuzzy neck somewhat obscures that, but I am confident that the baby won’t be pink and furry. The intarsia is a little more even than it appears here – this is taken at a funny angle.

You get a better view of the flower in this shot, with special guest star Count Numbear!


He came to visit with Mr. Bear. I didn’t knit his sweater vest, unfortunately, but I am very fond of him and his little glasses. He used to belong to my grandma, and she gave him to me when she moved to Victoria.

Mr. Bear also went for a visit.


(Jamie is watching tv with some intensity.)

Before the baby sweater frenzy, I actually made really good progress on Rogue. Of course, now it’s freaking 14 degrees every day and I’m going to finish a wool sweater, but it’s Alberta, so I’m sure I’ll need it again before too long.

I finished the hood, and once I got to the top, the pattern gave me the option of either a three needle bind off or a kitchener stitch. Since I’ve never done 3 needle bind off before, I figured I’d give that a whirl. Finished it off, went looking at other pictures, and realised that the kitchener totally looked better. So I painstakingly pulled out all the bind off and went looking for information on the kitchener.

Somebody has posted a cheat sheet for the hood graft specifically on Rogue, which was awesome. (Did I bookmark it? I did not.) It took two tries, but I think it looks waaaay better now. Not that you can see it in these photos. (I’m not very on the ball tonight with the photos.)


Which brings the sum total of Rogue to this:


Oh, and this:


Not bad. Once the baby sweater is done, it’s full Rogue ahead!

Nice body

February 6, 2007

First, and most importantly, it is ONE MONTH until my birthday! See how I’m helpfully reminding you with plenty of shopping time left? I thought that was considerate of me. Here’s a helpful tip: I like yarn. There are also several knitting books I’d like to get (Knit Fix, A Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, Victorian Lace Today, A Gathering of Lace…you get the idea.) Also, yarn!

Ok, public service announcements aside, exciting things are afoot at Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity. First of all, there’s a contest coming soon! Possibly some time this week – depends on what my schedule’s like. Details to follow as soon as I know what the contest is. Prize will be yarn. (Mmm, yarn.) (Sorry, all my non knitting friends who read this blog. If you win I’ll buy you a drink or something.) Also, did you know I have an RSS feed? I do! 10 people have figured that out – are you one of them?

Ok, seriously, I’ll stop pimping myself out now. On to the real point of this post – the body of Rogue is done! And for once I remembered to take photos BEFORE Jamie went to bed, so they aren’t bathroom mirror shots. Unfortunately, Jamie likes to fiddle with camera settings a LOT so they’re pictures of me looking irritated with how many photos have been taken. Maybe I should learn how to use the self timer.

As mentioned, I had a ridiculously slothful second half of my weekend, which also included yesterday. I finished season 1 of House (great show! Hugh Laurie is awesome and alarmingly hot), and also finished the body of Rogue. Pay no attention to the needles hanging down all willy-nilly – the hood comes out of the neck cables, so the stitches there are still live. (I know it looks lopsided in places, but I wasn’t standing straight on, because these pictures were taken in our small and mess front hall because it has the best light, so we’re at weird angles to each other.)

Rogue Body On 2

That also makes it hard to see the neck cable, which is too bad because it looks pretty good.

Rogue Body On 1

Here’s the thing about Rogue. Those lovely side cables (which also make for some very nice and well-fitting shaping) are really damn hard to take pictures of without looking like a total dork.

Rogue Side Cable Body On

See? Eventually we opted to just cut my head out of the photo entirely so you couldn’t see how silly I looked while flailing my hand up above my head.

Rogue Side Cable Closeup On

Since I totally ignored pretty much any other responsibilities for two days in order to make progress (not entirely true, I did the dishes and a load of laundry), I neglected all the other knitting on the needles. You know, the ones with deadlines. A certain due date is looming, but more pressing is my sock pal’s socks!

So once I finished Rogue’s body, I set it aside and got to work on the socks. And I made excellent progress!

Sock Pal Sock February 6 2

The observant among you may be thinking “progress my foot.” At first glance, you’re not wrong. The photo from January 25th shows this.

Sock Pal January 25

Compare the two, and I’m only about one stripe further along.

But the REALLY observant among you will notice different needles in the two photos. Yup, I frogged it. The whole damn sock. So this is sock pal sock take 2, and I’m already past where I was with the first version after frogging it on Friday. It was just going to be too snug on the Addi 0s, so I’ve moved to my KP size 1, and am happy with the change. (Not least because knitting on 1s is a LOT faster.) I liked the fabric a lot on the 0s, but I didn’t like the fit. And it’s looking good on the 1s, too. Here’s hoping I can hit the heel by the end of the week. I’m going to Barenaked Ladies tomorrow night, which will not offer me much knitting time, and Thursday I’m working late. Hopefully the weekend will give me some time to really tackle it. I love the yarn, and I love the pattern, and they’re absolutely perfect together. I hope snowdrop likes it as much as I do!

Superlame Supebowl Sunday

February 4, 2007

Ok, the universe appears to have forgiven me. (Knock wood!) I’ve finished shaping the armholes on Rogue’s back, and just have to knit flat for a while before I start shaping the shoulders. And by a while, I mean another 27 rows. I am having a truly exciting day that has led to me still being in my pajamas at 7:27pm. I know. That’s pathetic. But the knitting! I’ve also watched several episodes of House, which I have out from the library. But then Jamie got home, and despite the fact that he doesn’t give a shit about the NFL (He is a CFL man through and through), somehow he is still watching the Superbowl.

Watching the Superbowl in Canada is actually pretty lame, because we get dumb Canadian commercials instead of the excellent American ones. They aren’t usually anything special, but there have been two that cracked me up. One is a GM commercial with one of those thingies that remove tires (I don’t know. It’s yellow.) being fired and trying to find a new job and eventually killing himself. I don’t know, it caught me in a moment of weakness! I also liked the Coke commercial with the Grand Theft Auto guy.

ANYway, suffice it to say I have had a pretty lame day. I don’t have any plans tomorrow, either. I think I might go see a movie in the afternoon. What’s the point in having weekdays off if you can’t go see matinees by yourself? I keep meaning to do so but haven’t gotten around to it. There are enough movies I want to see before the Oscars that if I wait to go with Jamie, I’ll never make it to half of them. Plus a weekday matinee by myself means I can knit without bugging anyone. (Not that I let that stop me in most movies, but if the theater is packed I don’t usually knit.) Not that anything I actually want to see is playing at the most convenient theatre. Grr.

Right. As the universe is temporarily cooperating, Rogue photos! As you can see, I’m making good progress. I’m hoping to have the back done by tonight. (Maybe I’ll go watch tv on the computer.) Please don’t judge me about how dirty the mirror is. The only other mirror in our house has a sandblasted picture of me and Jamie on it. Kind of an amusing novelty, but not great for photos!

Rogue Chart A Done Full View

As you can see, the fit is fantastic. I am pleased with this, as I always get a bit nervous about gauge.

The side cable turned out great. I am going to ignore the miscrossed cables. I choose to think of it as a design feature.

Rogue Chart A Done Cable View

I do have to turn my attention somewhat to my baby blanket and my sock pal socks, since those have deadlines. But man, this sweater is addictive! Maybe I’ll get the body finished and then work on the other two for a while before I pick up the sleeves and the hood.

The universe is trying to tell me something.

February 4, 2007


I had a two hour nap earlier today (Jamie was napping, and I am weak in the face of other nappers), so despite our late night last night, our busy day of brunch, yarn stores (ok, just one), napping, dinner, and the opera, I’m quite wide awake at 3am. (Not that this is particularly abnormal behaviour for me. It’s far more strange that Jamie was up until 2.)

After getting home from the opera shortly after 11, I have spent the rest of the evening knitting and listening to the new Barenaked Ladies album in anticipation of the concert on Wednesday. The album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me (or BLAM, if you prefer) is not all that new, but I haven’t listened to it much despite downloading it (legally!) on the day it came out. As a result, Rogue is now finished Chart A and is about to divide for the front and back! It’s thrilling!

So thrilling, in fact, that I actually transferred it onto a second needle (only about 15 stitches need to move to make it not fall off its needle), tried it on, and took pictures.

When I plugged my flash card reader into my laptop, my laptop crashed. I got it rebooted (grumbling all the while), tried to upload the photos, and my flickr uploader crashed. Went to the flickr website. Flickr is down.

I can take a hint. I’m going to bed. Rogue photos will be posted tomorrow.

The opera was pretty good, by the way, but a little long. I don’t have patience for much of anything after two and a half hours. Plus the leg room at the Jube is terrible, and their bathrooms are ridiculously small. Overall, though, an enjoyable experience. Plus it was fun to play stereotype with all the rich people. I think I saw more fur coats tonight than I have in my entire life up to this point.

(Incidentally, I’m coming up on a milestone post. Stay tuned for a contest of some sort!)

A sudden burst of culture

February 1, 2007

Man, February already? That’s just crazy. But also good, because January kind of sucked. Nothing major, just a series of minor annoying things.

February is shaping up to be a major improvement. Tomorrow night is Jamie’s school’s big band dance thingy, which I am going to. I’m wearing my excellent brown and pink dress, and I’m kicking myself for not finishing my shawl, as it’s the perfect occasion. Oh well.

Saturday night we’re going to the opera. Which is hilarious, because we aren’t really opera people, never mind people who go to fancy dinner dances one night and the opera the following night, but apparently we’re cramming our fanciness into one weekend. Maybe on Sunday we’ll watch some Monster Trucks or something to balance it out. Jamie got free tickets from school, and we’re sitting in the nosebleeds with a bunch of teenagers. Woo!

Next Wednesday we’re going to see Barenaked Ladies (to which I say WOO!), and then all of a sudden it’s halfway through February which means it’s almost my birthday! Yippee! And then once we hit my birthday, it’s less than a month till we hit Disneyland.

Awesome. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!

I’ve had an oddly light on the knitting week. Monday night was Stitch n Bitch, so I got a fair amount done on Rogue, which I continue to lean towards ignoring the mistake on, although Cara over at January One is trying to convince me that I can fix it. (I appreciate her optimism. We’ll see.) I think I might leave it until the sweater’s done, although then if I screw it up I’ll be even more pissed! But I’m not really a perfectionist, and it does look ok. I’m aiming to finish chart A tomorrow and then start tackling where it separates for the front and back. Maybe I can finish the body by the end of the weekend! (Ah, foolish optimism. Nothing like putting this things on the blog for some public accountability.)

Tuesday night I had book group and had dinner with Jamie, my mum, and her friend beforehand. I did get some of my thrum mittens done – actually, I finished them while I was at the meeting and got lots of admiring comments, but I decided the cuffs were too short so I ripped them out and re-knit them. (Just the cuffs. Not the whole mittens!) They are now REALLY done and ends woven in and everything. Except I don’t think I’m going to keep them.

I know, I know. This giving away of knitting is absolutely chronic. Fear not, I’m definitely keeping Rogue, and my shawl. And I’ve got yarn for Central Park Hoodie on the way (thanks, Trillian!) – it’s going to be in Cascade 220 in a very lovely green. Once I’ve made that, I’m thinking of making just a plain v-neck pullover in something sort of medium weight so I can wear it by itself. I’m going to use the pattern from A Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, which is a highly useful book that I intend to buy. (Have I mentioned lately what an awesome knitting book collection my library has? I suggest knitting books to them all the time, and so far they’ve bought every single one. Yay purchasing department! But they buy almost all the good new ones without any suggestions, to the point that I suspect there’s a knitter down there somewhere.) Anyway, I’m currently debating what yarn to use for that – I get quite warm in sweaters, so I want something not too heavy.

I think after that I’d like to try my hand at a tank top. I have no idea what sort of pattern – I want something pretty simple, so I might just use the dimensions from the Handy Book again. I’ll have to poke around for that – I am also quite clueless about yarns for that type of thing.

In other news, Karen put up photos of the cast cozy (as named by her husband – excellent name!) here. It’s a little loose, but the thumb keeps it on quite nicely.

Don’t ask about the socks. They need a trip to the frog pond. I’m choosing to temporarily forget that.

The Rogue Rogue Cables

January 29, 2007

Well. It is apparently not a good weekend for cables. Cara over at January One has had a crisis on her Central Park Hoodie, in a very similar fashion to me. (ie a cable a million miles down that you REALLY don’t want to rip out to!) Reading that motivated me to look at some actual Rogues to see how it’s supposed to look. And guess what I figured out?

Both sides are wrong. Great. But not, of course, wrong in the same way. Oh no! That would be too easy.

Here’s a closeup (not a very good one – sorry) of one of the side pretzel cables.

Rogue mistake 1

This is the line of the cable on this side.

Rogue closeup 1

Here’s the other side.

Rogue mistake 2

And this is the line of this cable.

Rogue closeup 2

Not at all the same. I have NO idea how I managed that, but there we are. So now the question is, what do I do?

I have to confess, I’m leaning towards “nothing.” It’s not like it’s in a very noticeable place, and it’s not like it looks COMPLETELY terrible. Does it? I don’t think it does. If anyone is looking that closely at my hip we have bigger problems. But mostly, I’m not convinced I know how to fix it, and at this point I reeeeeally don’t want to rip it out. (That is just not an option.)

Still, I feel like a moron. An irritated moron. One day, I will knit a flawless cabled sweater. But that day is not today.

Maybe Central Park. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

To knit.

January 29, 2007

I have been working all weekend on Rogue, because I’m a terrible person who’s ignoring the socks I’m supposed to be working on. I’m making excellent headway on Rogue – I’m on row 53 of the body chart, which is actually a little deceptive because you repeat 6 rows of the chart multiple times (I threw in one extra because I like my sweaters long), so I’ve actually knit much more than that.

Much to my chagrin, I found a mistake in one of my cables, right back at the beginning, and after despairing over it for a few minutes, have decided to leave it. (If I were as popular as the Yarn Harlot, somebody would have noticed the mistake in one of the earlier pictures and pointed it out. Alas.) I figure it adds character, and it’s pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, although annoying since it means the two sides don’t quite match. I know I could drop down to fix it, but we’re talking dropping 90 or so rows of cables. No thanks. I tried overstitching it to make it look better, but I just don’t really get how to do that, so unless someone can explain it to me, I’ll leave it. It’s down around the bottom – I won’t be able to see it when I’m wearing it!

Anyway, after excellent progress despite having to work yesterday (dinner at my in-laws on Friday gave me lots of knitting time while I watched Barnyard with Jamie’s cousin, and yesterday I hung out with various people over at the International House of Party, and got yet more knitting done), Rogue is now closing in on dividing for the front and back, which is encouraging progress. I was planning to knit it exclusively for the next few days until the body gets finished, but then I looked at the weather forecast for this week. (This was a moment of forethought that is highly unusual for me, I should note.) It is supposed to be really cold by Thursday and Friday – lows in the minus 20s. Brr. And when it was freezing earlier this week, I was cursing myself for not finishing my thrum mittens yet.

So! Eight more rows before I hit the thumb on the second mitten – encouraging progress that leads me to optimistically believe I can finish by Thursday despite working every day this week. (I volunteered for more hours because my desire to have lots of spending money in Disneyland outweighed my desire for lots of knitting time. There are few things I like more than knitting, but Disneyland is one of them. Two months this week until we leave! Eeee!)

Anyway, the mittens are now at the top of the list, but they won’t take long. (HOW did I not know about how excellent mittens are to knit before now? They’re so fast and cozy and nice! More mittens are in my future – hopefully more thrummed ones for my mother.) Once they’re done, Rogue and my sockpal sock will go back to sharing time, with occasional forays into the baby blanket. (I think I will try to knit one strip a day.) The Mountain Peaks is on hold for now, partly because it’s not exactly shawl weather, but also because I think it’ll be excellent airplane knitting so I’m saving it for my trip. (I’m flying alone both ways due to the world’s most complicated vacation set-up between the four of us, so I plan to spend the entire flight there knitting and listening to Disneyland music to get hyped up, and the entire flight back knitting and listening to Disneyland music to depress myself. Do I know how to party or what? And the complicated vacation set up involves multiple cities, three different arrival dates and two different departure dates with Jamie and me taking different flights home despite leaving the same day. It’s ridiculous, I know, but we will all be in the same place for approximately 48 hours. I’m there the longest, though. Woo!)

Once Rogue is done, I plan to buy some Cascade 220 to make the Central Park Hoodie. After chasing around to several yarn stores, I got my hands on a copy of the KnitScene that had the pattern, and it looks like just what I wanted in a cardigan. (Please don’t talk to me about my obvious cabled sweater problem. I am aware of it. After that I want a boring plain v-neck sweater with no cables in sight, I promise.) I decided to do Central Park over A Cardigan for Arwen, because I think it’s more my style. (Erin agreed – she was very patient about looking at pictures of both to decide which would be better. I have very tolerant friends. And might I add, two other people were knitting last night at IHOP, so the conversion is gradually occurring.)

And of course, there is the endless parade of babies to knit for. The next one after this current log cabin isn’t due until April, but it’s going to sneak up on me. The yarn for that is in the mail – I think it’ll be another hoodie, since that was fast and cute.

I like this idea of having one of each type of thing on the go. Once I finish my sock pal socks, I’ll cast on Rachel’s socks. Once I finish Rogue, I’ll start in on Central Park. Once I finish this log cabin, I’ll start another baby blanket. Once I finish the mittens, I’ll cast on a baby sweater. (Small and mindless – seems like a good category!) And once I finish Mountain Peaks (which seems like never in my mind right now, because it’s such a big project), I’ll either hit the Reversible Rib Shawl, for which I already have the KidSilk Haze (mmm), or the Sea Silk shawl with the Sea Silk I just ordered.

Oh, sure. Totally manageable.

How did I think my knitting list would get any better after the Christmas knitting was done? Good grief.

Emergency FO

January 26, 2007

So my friend Karen is, as those who know her are all too aware, kind of prone to medical bad luck. (It’s apparently contagious, as her husband is having a rough go of things too.) She always get the weird things, has the weird injuries, goes for the obscure over the usual. Last week, she had the misfortune to break her wrist. (This isn’t particularly weird, just bad luck.) She managed to fracture the bone that takes the longest to heal, so she’s stuck in a cast for a while. Unfortunately, Karen is also always freezing, so the fact that none of her mittens fit was a cause for concern.

So she’s lucky she knows me, isn’t she?

She called me last week and asked if I could make a mitten that would go over her cast. I looked at the cast (photos of it are on her blog up there), and since her thumb is cast part way up and therefore immobile, I figured there was no point in giving it a separate thumb. Since the cast covers the rest of her arm, it didn’t need to be terrible long, so in the end, what I came up with is essentially an oversized baby mitten. So now Karen will have warm fingers and also won’t be able to scratch her face with her super long baby fingernails! So that’s a relief.

We went to Calgary last weekend and my friends very tolerantly came to the yarn store with me. (Yay! That’s a sign of good friends, when they’ll go to the yarn store with you even if they don’t knit. Jana is just starting to knit but she’s not at the point yet where she gets enthused about yarn store field trips. Give me time!) While we were there, I spotted two baskets of Cascade Fixation, which I immediately realised was perfect. First of all, it’s not wool, which Karen is allergic to. (Of course she is.) Secondly, the stretchiness would be great for a cast mitten because we need it to go over the large and inflexible cast but then stay on. So I figured it was perfect.

I sent Karen over to pick out a colour. After rummaging around for a while, she came up with the exact same colourway that I used for her socks. (Broadripples. I am quite impressed that my eye for her taste is so precise!) Conveniently, I had some leftover from them so I didn’t need to buy any more. I also bought some DPNs, which I rarely knit with but kind of like for mittens. They’re Crystal Palace Bamboo and they are REALLY freaking nice.

Here it is! I finished it earlier this evening while watching Veronica Mars with Jamie. (Incidentally, it’s a good thing that show is so good, because it’s the only thing that gets Jamie away from World of Warcraft.)

Cast Mitten 1

I tried it on, but it looks ridiculous and kind of phallic on me. (My hand is in a fist.)

Cast Mitten 3

I’m hoping that it’ll work. This is 11 inches around and Karen’s cast is 13 inches, so that seems like a good amount of ease for it to stay on fairly snugly. It’s quite grippy yarn, and the cast is quite grippy too, so I’m optimistic. I’ll hopefully get a picture when I try it on her. It also needs a good name. Castitten? Castmitt? Brokitten? FractureMitt? Splintten? I don’t know. I’m open to ideas. (It’s too bad nobody would ever need one for more than a few months, because it’s an idea that I think could do quite well up here. It sucks to be mittenless in the mornings when it’s cold and the sun isn’t up yet.)

My other WIPs were slightly neglected so I could finish this quickly, since it’s a time sensitive project. (If I’m going to go to the trouble to knit it, I want maximum usage out of it, since it’ll become essentially useless once the cast comes off unless someone has a very small and oval shaped head.) However, I’m making some good headway on Rogue

Rogue side cable January 25

which I continue to love a ridiculous amount. I attached the kangaroo pocket today

Rogue Kangaroo Pocket January 25

so now that isn’t flapping around bugging me. The whole thing is getting pretty long!

Rogue Full View January 25

(For the three of you knitters out there who haven’t knit Rogue, it’s got a turned hem at the bottom, so that ribbing doesn’t actually count towards the length. It is, however, a very nice turned hem if I do say so myself.)

I put the Log Cabin onto two needles yesterday so I could see how the size is coming. It’s getting there, but I’ve got a loooong way to go. I’m not sure what the best strategy for this is going to be. We’ll see how it goes. I figure I’m about a quarter of the way to where I’d like it to be.

Log Cabin January 24

And here’s my sock pal’s sock, all snuggled up with his friend Rogue! Aw. Isn’t that sweet? Clearly they’ve resolved their differences. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if I came out tomorrow morning to find a pile of frogged yarn and a Rogue trying to look innocent. Maybe one of them better sleep in the knitting basket.

Sock Pal January 25

It’s going slowly but surely and looks great. I estimate needing another six stripes before I split for the heel flap.

Busy busy! It’s a good thing I had a good knitting day, because although most of my day was actually kind of pleasant, I had an embarrassing and painful incident earlier. Erin and I were at the mall after our delightful evening of wedding dress shopping (it’s fun going with someone who’s the sample size, because she can try anything!) and having dinner, and I fell off my shoe.

Yeah. You read that right. Fell off my shoe. You see, I wear clogs, because they have excellent support and make my ankle not hurt (in fact, after two years in clogs almost exclusively, I no longer have pain in my Achilles Tendon! This is a major life improvement). Unfortunately, the nature of clogs is that they’re highly inflexible and quite tall. So this evening, I lost my balance and my ankle turned in my shoe. This is not the first time it’s happened – I quite often sort of tip over off my shoe. (This makes me sound like the least coordinated person ever. Which I’m not, I swear.) But today was the first time that this caused me to totally bite it.

I pretty much collapsed on the mall floor, which caused some alarm to Erin (who didn’t see what happened until I was inexplicably on the floor) and the nice person in the store we were walking past. It took me a minute to collect myself – my leg essentially buckled under me and my other leg crashed into my foot and the very hard shoe while I hit the ground with my leg and elbow, which was a barrel of laughs – but nothing was broken and I picked myself up. Erin very nicely didn’t laugh at me at all and was quite concerned. I was mostly feeling kind of dumb.

But now my stupid leg REALLY hurts. The leg that didn’t collapse is actually the one that’s really hurting – I think it hit the floor first. I’ve been icing it and stuff, but it hurts like hell. And now the ankle that turned itself is really starting to throb, so both legs are sore and stiff, and I’m going to be hobbling around having to explain that I fell off my shoe.

Great. Quick, somebody invent me a good story for what I did.