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Sock pal socks!

March 8, 2007

Last Friday, I received my fabulous socks from snowdrop, my Knitty sock exchange pal! She’d sent me a photo of some yarn choices, I told her I liked the pink ones (I know, who am I and when did I start liking pink? I don’t know. I have, like, five pink shirts now. I’m not sure when this happened.) and that I’d liked a pair of socks she had up on her blog a while back, and that was it. I was much more nervous and sent her several dozen progress photos and nagged for feedback, but clearly snowdrop is much better at not needing hand holding.

They are FABULOUS. Look!

Sock Pal Socks!

They fit like a glove, look great, feel wonderful, and are a very cheerful shade of pink. I wore them all day Sunday and kept admiring my feet. And forcing everyone around me to admire my feet.

Leg of Sock Pal Socks!

Even my mother was impressed! (She thought it was weird that I was knitting socks for somebody else.)

Sock Pal Socks!

Very unhelpfully, I can’t remember what yarn it was (I have the tag at home), I don’t know what pattern it was, and I don’t know what needles snowdrop used to knit them! All I know is they are awesome. Thanks, snowdrop!

Sock Pal Socks!

In other news, I had a date wrong. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, as the new date is next week instead of next month like I thought. So it’s not like I missed anything, right?

Yeah. Too bad that’s the date of a mat leave starting, which means the baby sweater I thought I had a month for? I have six days. Luckily, I had the pattern (Sweetheart Pullover from Knitting for Baby, but with an intarsia flower instead of a heart, because I don’t think the mother-to-be is much of a heart person) and the yarn (KP Crayon, my current favourite baby yarn), so I cast on yesterday for the front, figuring I’d get through the intarsia since it would be the most time consuming section.

Man, I HATE intarsia! It’s so fiddly, and there are ends everywhere, and…bleah. Too bad it looks so damn cute. I’m about halfway through the flower, I think, but I now only have three bobbins (hee, I wrote “boobins” the first time) instead of the six I started with, so it’s going much faster. I’m hoping to knock the front off tonight, cast on for the back, finish that by Saturday, and do the sleeves on Sunday which leaves Monday night for seaming. I’ll be fine. Babies are small! So are their sweaters! The Crayon is definitely perfect for an April baby – it’s nice and lightweight and very fluffy. Hopefully I can post a photo of the finished front tonight. Here’s hoping!


Sock Pal Socks!

March 1, 2007

Finally! I was working late today (and let me tell you, my day is going about six hundred times better than yesterday – helped significantly by the early birthday cake at work), so my break was at 4:00. Conveniently, Jamie was home and made dinner for me, so I had a few minutes to go outside at take photos. Natural light! It’s a miracle! Also a miracle is the fact that there’s any natural light at 4:00. Two months ago it was getting dark when I came home for my break. Spring is coming!

Anyway, I really wanted to take some pictures in the snow, since it’s such a conveniently blank and bright background for photos, but I didn’t want to get the socks all snowy. So I put down a plastic bag first. Problem solved.

You can’t really tell that it’s snow (there is a lot of it in our backyard!), but the pictures turned out nice and bright.

Sock Pal Socks 4

This is a really good shot of the colours – they look great against the snow and in the light.

Sock Pal Socks 2

This is a nice view of the stitch pattern – isn’t it nice? It looks really good with the yarn, I think.

Sock Pal Socks 3

Taa daa!

Sock Pal Socks 1

Sunshine Yarns Black Olive Stripe, knit on KP Options size 1. The pattern is the Chevron Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, with a slightly adapted heel and toe. (I forgot to take pictures of the heel, which is too bad because I think they’re kind of neat.) Going in the mail ASAP to snowdrop!


February 15, 2007

Ok, folks, here it is! (Sorry for the delay, I’ve been sick.) The winner of the contest, and my 100th blog entry! Since there are conveniently six entries to choose from, I’m using this handy dice roller online to generate my winner. In order to reduce any claims of favouritism, I’m rolling the dice before looking back to see who is which number. My arbitrary contest is nothing if not fair!

And the winner is…two! (I have to say, pressing a button is less exciting than rolling an actual dice.) And comment number two was…You talk to your Rogue!

Which means our lucky winner is Sue, from The Potato Patch. (Great blog name, by the way. I have a fondness for the word “Spud,” as it’s Jana’s car’s name, which we named on a road trip to Vancouver in 2001. I told you I name everything!) Incidentally, Sue likes Barenaked Ladies, Anne of Green Gables, Star Trek, and The Princess Bride. Clearly we are kindred spirits!

Thank you all for your entries – I really enjoyed reading them, and discovering new blogs in the process! (I should admit here that I am really, really bad at commenting on blogs, because I generally use Bloglines. I am attempting to improve on this because I like getting comments, so it seems only fair to reciprocate.)

As previously mentioned, I’ve been sick this week, and it sucks. I didn’t leave the house from Saturday evening until yesterday (Wednesday) morning, when I went to work. However, my week is definitely improving – I came home yesterday to flowers, dinner, and a spotless kitchen. (I bought Jamie a World of Warcraft strategy book. How’s that for romance?) It’s a long weekend this weekend. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!My long weekend plans currently consist of knitting like a maniac. I was talking to my mum yesterday, and in doing so, realised that the baby blanket that I’ve been knitting on so nonchalantly is actually for a baby due next week. Ack! Add to that the sock pal deadline of the end of the month, and suddenly the pressure’s on. Those are the only two impending deadlines and then I’ve got some breathing room, so I’m hoping for a knitting marathon this weekend to get some things wrapped up. The baby blanket is up to about two feet by two feet, and I’m hoping for about three feet or so, so I’m making solid progress. It’s looking quite snazzy so far! Photos coming soon. (Sorry for the lack of photos today.)

One sock pal sock is finished, and the other one is trucking through the leg. I’m hoping to finish up the leg in the next few days, and hit the foot this weekend. I’d like to have them in the mail next Friday, and even then I’ll be pushing the deadline. (Sorry, snowdrop!)

I’ll be fine. Don’t panic. It’ll all get done. I still have Return of the King to watch this weekend, and all its extras – that’s a lot of knitting time!

And here’s to another 100 entries! Thanks for reading, everyone. Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity thanks you! (And, incidentally, someone mentioned loving the animals up in my header. I love them too! Aren’t they adorable? It’s actually a reversible stuffy that flips one way to be a monkey and another to be a hippo. Awesome!)

Nice body

February 6, 2007

First, and most importantly, it is ONE MONTH until my birthday! See how I’m helpfully reminding you with plenty of shopping time left? I thought that was considerate of me. Here’s a helpful tip: I like yarn. There are also several knitting books I’d like to get (Knit Fix, A Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, Victorian Lace Today, A Gathering of Lace…you get the idea.) Also, yarn!

Ok, public service announcements aside, exciting things are afoot at Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity. First of all, there’s a contest coming soon! Possibly some time this week – depends on what my schedule’s like. Details to follow as soon as I know what the contest is. Prize will be yarn. (Mmm, yarn.) (Sorry, all my non knitting friends who read this blog. If you win I’ll buy you a drink or something.) Also, did you know I have an RSS feed? I do! 10 people have figured that out – are you one of them?

Ok, seriously, I’ll stop pimping myself out now. On to the real point of this post – the body of Rogue is done! And for once I remembered to take photos BEFORE Jamie went to bed, so they aren’t bathroom mirror shots. Unfortunately, Jamie likes to fiddle with camera settings a LOT so they’re pictures of me looking irritated with how many photos have been taken. Maybe I should learn how to use the self timer.

As mentioned, I had a ridiculously slothful second half of my weekend, which also included yesterday. I finished season 1 of House (great show! Hugh Laurie is awesome and alarmingly hot), and also finished the body of Rogue. Pay no attention to the needles hanging down all willy-nilly – the hood comes out of the neck cables, so the stitches there are still live. (I know it looks lopsided in places, but I wasn’t standing straight on, because these pictures were taken in our small and mess front hall because it has the best light, so we’re at weird angles to each other.)

Rogue Body On 2

That also makes it hard to see the neck cable, which is too bad because it looks pretty good.

Rogue Body On 1

Here’s the thing about Rogue. Those lovely side cables (which also make for some very nice and well-fitting shaping) are really damn hard to take pictures of without looking like a total dork.

Rogue Side Cable Body On

See? Eventually we opted to just cut my head out of the photo entirely so you couldn’t see how silly I looked while flailing my hand up above my head.

Rogue Side Cable Closeup On

Since I totally ignored pretty much any other responsibilities for two days in order to make progress (not entirely true, I did the dishes and a load of laundry), I neglected all the other knitting on the needles. You know, the ones with deadlines. A certain due date is looming, but more pressing is my sock pal’s socks!

So once I finished Rogue’s body, I set it aside and got to work on the socks. And I made excellent progress!

Sock Pal Sock February 6 2

The observant among you may be thinking “progress my foot.” At first glance, you’re not wrong. The photo from January 25th shows this.

Sock Pal January 25

Compare the two, and I’m only about one stripe further along.

But the REALLY observant among you will notice different needles in the two photos. Yup, I frogged it. The whole damn sock. So this is sock pal sock take 2, and I’m already past where I was with the first version after frogging it on Friday. It was just going to be too snug on the Addi 0s, so I’ve moved to my KP size 1, and am happy with the change. (Not least because knitting on 1s is a LOT faster.) I liked the fabric a lot on the 0s, but I didn’t like the fit. And it’s looking good on the 1s, too. Here’s hoping I can hit the heel by the end of the week. I’m going to Barenaked Ladies tomorrow night, which will not offer me much knitting time, and Thursday I’m working late. Hopefully the weekend will give me some time to really tackle it. I love the yarn, and I love the pattern, and they’re absolutely perfect together. I hope snowdrop likes it as much as I do!

Emergency FO

January 26, 2007

So my friend Karen is, as those who know her are all too aware, kind of prone to medical bad luck. (It’s apparently contagious, as her husband is having a rough go of things too.) She always get the weird things, has the weird injuries, goes for the obscure over the usual. Last week, she had the misfortune to break her wrist. (This isn’t particularly weird, just bad luck.) She managed to fracture the bone that takes the longest to heal, so she’s stuck in a cast for a while. Unfortunately, Karen is also always freezing, so the fact that none of her mittens fit was a cause for concern.

So she’s lucky she knows me, isn’t she?

She called me last week and asked if I could make a mitten that would go over her cast. I looked at the cast (photos of it are on her blog up there), and since her thumb is cast part way up and therefore immobile, I figured there was no point in giving it a separate thumb. Since the cast covers the rest of her arm, it didn’t need to be terrible long, so in the end, what I came up with is essentially an oversized baby mitten. So now Karen will have warm fingers and also won’t be able to scratch her face with her super long baby fingernails! So that’s a relief.

We went to Calgary last weekend and my friends very tolerantly came to the yarn store with me. (Yay! That’s a sign of good friends, when they’ll go to the yarn store with you even if they don’t knit. Jana is just starting to knit but she’s not at the point yet where she gets enthused about yarn store field trips. Give me time!) While we were there, I spotted two baskets of Cascade Fixation, which I immediately realised was perfect. First of all, it’s not wool, which Karen is allergic to. (Of course she is.) Secondly, the stretchiness would be great for a cast mitten because we need it to go over the large and inflexible cast but then stay on. So I figured it was perfect.

I sent Karen over to pick out a colour. After rummaging around for a while, she came up with the exact same colourway that I used for her socks. (Broadripples. I am quite impressed that my eye for her taste is so precise!) Conveniently, I had some leftover from them so I didn’t need to buy any more. I also bought some DPNs, which I rarely knit with but kind of like for mittens. They’re Crystal Palace Bamboo and they are REALLY freaking nice.

Here it is! I finished it earlier this evening while watching Veronica Mars with Jamie. (Incidentally, it’s a good thing that show is so good, because it’s the only thing that gets Jamie away from World of Warcraft.)

Cast Mitten 1

I tried it on, but it looks ridiculous and kind of phallic on me. (My hand is in a fist.)

Cast Mitten 3

I’m hoping that it’ll work. This is 11 inches around and Karen’s cast is 13 inches, so that seems like a good amount of ease for it to stay on fairly snugly. It’s quite grippy yarn, and the cast is quite grippy too, so I’m optimistic. I’ll hopefully get a picture when I try it on her. It also needs a good name. Castitten? Castmitt? Brokitten? FractureMitt? Splintten? I don’t know. I’m open to ideas. (It’s too bad nobody would ever need one for more than a few months, because it’s an idea that I think could do quite well up here. It sucks to be mittenless in the mornings when it’s cold and the sun isn’t up yet.)

My other WIPs were slightly neglected so I could finish this quickly, since it’s a time sensitive project. (If I’m going to go to the trouble to knit it, I want maximum usage out of it, since it’ll become essentially useless once the cast comes off unless someone has a very small and oval shaped head.) However, I’m making some good headway on Rogue

Rogue side cable January 25

which I continue to love a ridiculous amount. I attached the kangaroo pocket today

Rogue Kangaroo Pocket January 25

so now that isn’t flapping around bugging me. The whole thing is getting pretty long!

Rogue Full View January 25

(For the three of you knitters out there who haven’t knit Rogue, it’s got a turned hem at the bottom, so that ribbing doesn’t actually count towards the length. It is, however, a very nice turned hem if I do say so myself.)

I put the Log Cabin onto two needles yesterday so I could see how the size is coming. It’s getting there, but I’ve got a loooong way to go. I’m not sure what the best strategy for this is going to be. We’ll see how it goes. I figure I’m about a quarter of the way to where I’d like it to be.

Log Cabin January 24

And here’s my sock pal’s sock, all snuggled up with his friend Rogue! Aw. Isn’t that sweet? Clearly they’ve resolved their differences. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if I came out tomorrow morning to find a pile of frogged yarn and a Rogue trying to look innocent. Maybe one of them better sleep in the knitting basket.

Sock Pal January 25

It’s going slowly but surely and looks great. I estimate needing another six stripes before I split for the heel flap.

Busy busy! It’s a good thing I had a good knitting day, because although most of my day was actually kind of pleasant, I had an embarrassing and painful incident earlier. Erin and I were at the mall after our delightful evening of wedding dress shopping (it’s fun going with someone who’s the sample size, because she can try anything!) and having dinner, and I fell off my shoe.

Yeah. You read that right. Fell off my shoe. You see, I wear clogs, because they have excellent support and make my ankle not hurt (in fact, after two years in clogs almost exclusively, I no longer have pain in my Achilles Tendon! This is a major life improvement). Unfortunately, the nature of clogs is that they’re highly inflexible and quite tall. So this evening, I lost my balance and my ankle turned in my shoe. This is not the first time it’s happened – I quite often sort of tip over off my shoe. (This makes me sound like the least coordinated person ever. Which I’m not, I swear.) But today was the first time that this caused me to totally bite it.

I pretty much collapsed on the mall floor, which caused some alarm to Erin (who didn’t see what happened until I was inexplicably on the floor) and the nice person in the store we were walking past. It took me a minute to collect myself – my leg essentially buckled under me and my other leg crashed into my foot and the very hard shoe while I hit the ground with my leg and elbow, which was a barrel of laughs – but nothing was broken and I picked myself up. Erin very nicely didn’t laugh at me at all and was quite concerned. I was mostly feeling kind of dumb.

But now my stupid leg REALLY hurts. The leg that didn’t collapse is actually the one that’s really hurting – I think it hit the floor first. I’ve been icing it and stuff, but it hurts like hell. And now the ankle that turned itself is really starting to throb, so both legs are sore and stiff, and I’m going to be hobbling around having to explain that I fell off my shoe.

Great. Quick, somebody invent me a good story for what I did.

Dear Rogue, I love you

January 22, 2007

Please don’t think that just because I’m seeing other projects, I don’t love you as much. I do! You’re my favourite project ever! (At least, I’m pretty sure you are, but I’m not going to think too hard about that because that’s pretty much a never ending spiral of “no, wait, I think I love THIS best!”) Look at how much progress I made on you this weekend! I didn’t knit anything else for two days straight. I can prove it!

Here’s where you were on Thursday.

Rogue Side Cable 2

Here’s where you are today.

Rogue Other Side Cable

See? You’re almost ready to join up with your pockety friend! Only a few more rows. And as mentioned in that previous entry, you’re not a small sweater. I’m not a small person. A Rogue for me has more than 200 stitches in a round. It’s not like these are fast little nothing rounds I’m accomplishing here. The fact that you’re nearing the pocket join is really quite impressive.

Rogue Full View January 22

(Uh, actually, speaking of that, since I memorized this part of the cable so easily, I sort of stopped keeping such good track of where we are. I’m hoping you can help me out there, Rogue. You’re easy to count, right? Sure. Let’s go with that.)

Anyway, despite what it might look like, you’re still my favourite. Try not to get too worked up about this.

Sock Pal sock

I know. It’s a sock. I said I needed a break from socks. I said I knit too many socks and was really excited about knitting a sweater for a change. I wrote that whole entry about how it was too cold for anything but a nice cozy sweater. I know. I’m a tease.

But look at the colours, Rogue!

Sock Pal sock with flash 1

That is a seriously good looking sock. It’s so bright! So cheery! Such a nice contrast to your sensible but unexciting beigeness! Look at how it’s striping so perfectly!

Sock Pal sock with flash 2

I’m not abandoning you entirely, Rogue. Just sharing you a little with your little socky friend here. I have a deadline! There is a pal with cold feet waiting for some delightful green socks. I have a duty to uphold. Don’t worry, you’ll get finished. I can promise that even more so now that I put you onto some extra needles and tried you on and discovered you fit perfectly. Perfectly! See? We’re meant to be together. Your turned hem even flips itself up, just like it’s supposed to. This isn’t anything meaningful, Rogue. I’m not even keeping them! It’s just a temporary thing.

Don’t be mad. I still love you. How could I not? Look how pretty you are!

Rogue Zoomed Out Side Cable View January 22