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A sudden burst of culture

February 1, 2007

Man, February already? That’s just crazy. But also good, because January kind of sucked. Nothing major, just a series of minor annoying things.

February is shaping up to be a major improvement. Tomorrow night is Jamie’s school’s big band dance thingy, which I am going to. I’m wearing my excellent brown and pink dress, and I’m kicking myself for not finishing my shawl, as it’s the perfect occasion. Oh well.

Saturday night we’re going to the opera. Which is hilarious, because we aren’t really opera people, never mind people who go to fancy dinner dances one night and the opera the following night, but apparently we’re cramming our fanciness into one weekend. Maybe on Sunday we’ll watch some Monster Trucks or something to balance it out. Jamie got free tickets from school, and we’re sitting in the nosebleeds with a bunch of teenagers. Woo!

Next Wednesday we’re going to see Barenaked Ladies (to which I say WOO!), and then all of a sudden it’s halfway through February which means it’s almost my birthday! Yippee! And then once we hit my birthday, it’s less than a month till we hit Disneyland.

Awesome. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!

I’ve had an oddly light on the knitting week. Monday night was Stitch n Bitch, so I got a fair amount done on Rogue, which I continue to lean towards ignoring the mistake on, although Cara over at January One is trying to convince me that I can fix it. (I appreciate her optimism. We’ll see.) I think I might leave it until the sweater’s done, although then if I screw it up I’ll be even more pissed! But I’m not really a perfectionist, and it does look ok. I’m aiming to finish chart A tomorrow and then start tackling where it separates for the front and back. Maybe I can finish the body by the end of the weekend! (Ah, foolish optimism. Nothing like putting this things on the blog for some public accountability.)

Tuesday night I had book group and had dinner with Jamie, my mum, and her friend beforehand. I did get some of my thrum mittens done – actually, I finished them while I was at the meeting and got lots of admiring comments, but I decided the cuffs were too short so I ripped them out and re-knit them. (Just the cuffs. Not the whole mittens!) They are now REALLY done and ends woven in and everything. Except I don’t think I’m going to keep them.

I know, I know. This giving away of knitting is absolutely chronic. Fear not, I’m definitely keeping Rogue, and my shawl. And I’ve got yarn for Central Park Hoodie on the way (thanks, Trillian!) – it’s going to be in Cascade 220 in a very lovely green. Once I’ve made that, I’m thinking of making just a plain v-neck pullover in something sort of medium weight so I can wear it by itself. I’m going to use the pattern from A Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, which is a highly useful book that I intend to buy. (Have I mentioned lately what an awesome knitting book collection my library has? I suggest knitting books to them all the time, and so far they’ve bought every single one. Yay purchasing department! But they buy almost all the good new ones without any suggestions, to the point that I suspect there’s a knitter down there somewhere.) Anyway, I’m currently debating what yarn to use for that – I get quite warm in sweaters, so I want something not too heavy.

I think after that I’d like to try my hand at a tank top. I have no idea what sort of pattern – I want something pretty simple, so I might just use the dimensions from the Handy Book again. I’ll have to poke around for that – I am also quite clueless about yarns for that type of thing.

In other news, Karen put up photos of the cast cozy (as named by her husband – excellent name!) here. It’s a little loose, but the thumb keeps it on quite nicely.

Don’t ask about the socks. They need a trip to the frog pond. I’m choosing to temporarily forget that.


To knit.

January 29, 2007

I have been working all weekend on Rogue, because I’m a terrible person who’s ignoring the socks I’m supposed to be working on. I’m making excellent headway on Rogue – I’m on row 53 of the body chart, which is actually a little deceptive because you repeat 6 rows of the chart multiple times (I threw in one extra because I like my sweaters long), so I’ve actually knit much more than that.

Much to my chagrin, I found a mistake in one of my cables, right back at the beginning, and after despairing over it for a few minutes, have decided to leave it. (If I were as popular as the Yarn Harlot, somebody would have noticed the mistake in one of the earlier pictures and pointed it out. Alas.) I figure it adds character, and it’s pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, although annoying since it means the two sides don’t quite match. I know I could drop down to fix it, but we’re talking dropping 90 or so rows of cables. No thanks. I tried overstitching it to make it look better, but I just don’t really get how to do that, so unless someone can explain it to me, I’ll leave it. It’s down around the bottom – I won’t be able to see it when I’m wearing it!

Anyway, after excellent progress despite having to work yesterday (dinner at my in-laws on Friday gave me lots of knitting time while I watched Barnyard with Jamie’s cousin, and yesterday I hung out with various people over at the International House of Party, and got yet more knitting done), Rogue is now closing in on dividing for the front and back, which is encouraging progress. I was planning to knit it exclusively for the next few days until the body gets finished, but then I looked at the weather forecast for this week. (This was a moment of forethought that is highly unusual for me, I should note.) It is supposed to be really cold by Thursday and Friday – lows in the minus 20s. Brr. And when it was freezing earlier this week, I was cursing myself for not finishing my thrum mittens yet.

So! Eight more rows before I hit the thumb on the second mitten – encouraging progress that leads me to optimistically believe I can finish by Thursday despite working every day this week. (I volunteered for more hours because my desire to have lots of spending money in Disneyland outweighed my desire for lots of knitting time. There are few things I like more than knitting, but Disneyland is one of them. Two months this week until we leave! Eeee!)

Anyway, the mittens are now at the top of the list, but they won’t take long. (HOW did I not know about how excellent mittens are to knit before now? They’re so fast and cozy and nice! More mittens are in my future – hopefully more thrummed ones for my mother.) Once they’re done, Rogue and my sockpal sock will go back to sharing time, with occasional forays into the baby blanket. (I think I will try to knit one strip a day.) The Mountain Peaks is on hold for now, partly because it’s not exactly shawl weather, but also because I think it’ll be excellent airplane knitting so I’m saving it for my trip. (I’m flying alone both ways due to the world’s most complicated vacation set-up between the four of us, so I plan to spend the entire flight there knitting and listening to Disneyland music to get hyped up, and the entire flight back knitting and listening to Disneyland music to depress myself. Do I know how to party or what? And the complicated vacation set up involves multiple cities, three different arrival dates and two different departure dates with Jamie and me taking different flights home despite leaving the same day. It’s ridiculous, I know, but we will all be in the same place for approximately 48 hours. I’m there the longest, though. Woo!)

Once Rogue is done, I plan to buy some Cascade 220 to make the Central Park Hoodie. After chasing around to several yarn stores, I got my hands on a copy of the KnitScene that had the pattern, and it looks like just what I wanted in a cardigan. (Please don’t talk to me about my obvious cabled sweater problem. I am aware of it. After that I want a boring plain v-neck sweater with no cables in sight, I promise.) I decided to do Central Park over A Cardigan for Arwen, because I think it’s more my style. (Erin agreed – she was very patient about looking at pictures of both to decide which would be better. I have very tolerant friends. And might I add, two other people were knitting last night at IHOP, so the conversion is gradually occurring.)

And of course, there is the endless parade of babies to knit for. The next one after this current log cabin isn’t due until April, but it’s going to sneak up on me. The yarn for that is in the mail – I think it’ll be another hoodie, since that was fast and cute.

I like this idea of having one of each type of thing on the go. Once I finish my sock pal socks, I’ll cast on Rachel’s socks. Once I finish Rogue, I’ll start in on Central Park. Once I finish this log cabin, I’ll start another baby blanket. Once I finish the mittens, I’ll cast on a baby sweater. (Small and mindless – seems like a good category!) And once I finish Mountain Peaks (which seems like never in my mind right now, because it’s such a big project), I’ll either hit the Reversible Rib Shawl, for which I already have the KidSilk Haze (mmm), or the Sea Silk shawl with the Sea Silk I just ordered.

Oh, sure. Totally manageable.

How did I think my knitting list would get any better after the Christmas knitting was done? Good grief.